Departments & Overview

The Cal Poly Corporation (CPC) provides services to core businesses, other university auxiliaries, university affiliated organizations, and other university programs
and operations. Each organization is covered by the Master Operating Agreement or by stand-alone agreements.

The Cal Poly Corporation’s role in support of the university’s educational mission is threefold:

  1. The CPC has complete administrative responsibility for:
    • Food services for the university community
    • Courseware and school supplies
    • Business services for commercial operations, aid-to-instruction activities, and sponsored programs
  2. The CPC, in cooperation with the appropriate university administrative offices, provides fiscal services to:
    • Instructionally related programs, especially in agricultural and graphic communications, including student enterprise programs
    • Conferences, workshops, and institutes to supplement the instructional programs
    • Agency activities as requested by the university
    • Technology Park
  3. The CPC provides fiscal administration and support services for:
    • Grants and contracts for research, instruction, and public service
    • Private gifts to the university
    • Other support sources

The Corporation is a member of the Auxiliary Organizations Association (“AOA”). The mission of the AOA is to assist the more than 80 auxiliaries to the 23
campuses in the CSU system by providing them resources and services that enable them to be more effective, such as:

  • Group Insurance and Pooled Benefit Programs
  • Representation of the collective interests before the CSU and the State of California
  • Legal Updates
  • Library of Resource Materials
  • Special Research Projects and Monographs
  • Access to Legal Counsel
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Biennial Salary Survey
  • Assistance to New Auxiliaries and Staff
  • Networking

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cal Poly Corporation is to provide self-supporting, responsible, diversified, creative, and high quality services, which complement the
instructional program of the University and assist the institution in achieving its educational mission.

Legal Status

The Cal Poly Corporation is a separate, nonprofit corporation, organized and chartered under the laws of the State of California as a public benefit,
auxiliary organization within provisions of the California Corporation Code Section 5000, et seq., and the Education Code Section 89900, et seq.

The CPC, like the university, is an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable-educational organization. The IRS has classified the Corporation as being a
public charity under Section 509(a) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Through Title 5, California Code of Regulations Section 42400, et seq., the Board of Trustees of the California State University has authorized the Chancellor
and the President of California Polytechnic State University to provide for certain auxiliary organization activities essential to the educational program of the
campus, including service functions operated as an integral part of the overall campus program.

Departments Overview

  • Business Services & Administration: The business services and administration of the Corporation is spread among the Executive Office, Corporation Business Office, Human Resources, and Information Technology. Business Administration provides services to the entire campus community, including the individual colleges, sponsored research, Tech Park, Conference Services, University Advancement, university administration, enterprise operations, as well as other campus auxiliary organizations and agencies. Budget expenditures supporting these functions consist of direct and indirect costs, depending on the individual activity supported and type of services provided. Gift processing and administration requires services encompassing accounting, treasury, trust, human resource, risk management, and information technology operational support.
    • Executive Office – The Corporation Executive Office is comprised of the Executive Director, Associate Executive Director,
      Legal Affairs, and Marketing/Public Relations and is the conduit through, which the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Corporation
      Board of Directors provides leadership, guidance, and oversight of the Corporation activities. This office has overall responsibility for all
      Corporation operations but also facilitates Cal Poly initiatives such as the faculty/staff housing, a technology park, and the evaluation of new
      business opportunities in support of Cal Poly.
    • Business Office – This office directs the Corporation Business Office in providing fiscal services for internal departments and
      external organizations. The Business Office provides administrative and financial services, maintains an integrated, on-line financial reporting system
      with modules supporting cashiering, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, purchasing, grants management, and fixed asset accounting.

      The department processes and monitors transactions for over 950 Corporation and Foundation Campus Program accounts, including restricted, discretionary,
      and special activity accounts.

      Other department activities include the coordination of financial and compliance audits, preparation of Federal and State tax reports, and Public Employee
      Retirement System reporting. Business Services prepares and administers the risk management program and self-funded insurance programs, fiscal viability
      reporting, budget forecasting, and inventory control.

      In conjunction with other departments, the Business Office coordinates and conducts educational workshops, which target the general campus community.
      These workshops are designed to instruct university personnel about requirements and general operating procedures.

    • Information Technology (IT) – The IT Department provides a broad spectrum of information technology services for our administrative and
      commercial operations. IT has two main groups: Application Development and Support and PC and Network Administration and Support. The mission of the IT
      department is to facilitate, promote, and assist our user community in using information technology effectively to achieve the overall goals of the Cal Poly
      Corporation. Toward that end, IT explores, evaluates, promotes, recommends, develops, and supports the application of technological solutions to the tasks
      of information storage and recovery, processing and delivery. IT also provides PC and other computing equipment support, Help Desk support, computer
      account administration, and network administration. Other services IT provides include computing asset management, software/hardware installation on
      workstations and servers, a full range of web development and hosting services, database administration, application development and support.

Commercial Operations

  • Campus Dining: Campus Dining is the largest commercial operation under the Corporation, employing approximately 48% of CPC employees. Campus Dining manages up
    to 18 food venues around campus; oversees catering operation and vending services. Students living in the on-campus Residence Halls and Apartments participate in a
    dining program through an on-campus declining balance card system.
  • University Store: As a major division of the Corporation’s core business, University Store operates in two locations: University Store
    Campus and Cal Poly Downtown locations. The goal of the stores is to ensure that all materials necessary to support the educational mission of the university is
    readily available.
  • Sponsored Programs: Sponsored Programs is responsible for the administration and fiscal management of externally funded contracts and grants
    for research and educational projects, fiscal management of Institutions and Centers activity, and the Fee for Service programs.

    The primary mission of Sponsored Programs is to help the Cal Poly community achieve its educational mission by providing efficient and effective management
    support for the administration of sponsored research and educational service projects.

    The Corporation serves as the contracting entity on behalf of Cal Poly as the grantee institution and the Sponsored Programs Office provides post-award
    administration for these grants and contracts. The Sponsored Programs Office works closely with the faculty to keep them informed on project status.
    The Sponsored Programs Office is also responsible for representing the Corporation to funding agencies, providing administrative support to Centers and
    Institutes and similar units, and to workshop and conferencing activities.

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