SAN LUIS OBISPO — Cal Poly Corporation’s Campus Dining is hosting State Of Our Plate, a food forum on May 12, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in UU room 204. The forum is being held as an opportunity for open discussion about food at Cal Poly and to get feedback from the campus community about what’s important to them.

At the forum there will be a panel of experts representing nutrition, sustainability, agriculture, student health and Campus Dining. The panel members will share programs or research related to food at Cal Poly. One panelist, Professor Dawn Neill, will speak about her findings in a recently published study about Cal Poly’s food environment. The forum will be moderated by Rachel Fernflores, Cal Poly’s Special Assistant to the President.

“As Cal Poly Corporation moves forward with its Campus Dining Master Plan, it’s vital to get input from the campus community about their food values and attitudes.” said Executive Director, Lorlie Leetham

The food forum will help inform Cal Poly Corporation’s future plans with Campus Dining and the food direction it will take. They will take into account both the expert voices from the panel and community voices as they plan for the future. Anyone with an interest in food on campus should attend the forum to learn about food at Cal Poly or to make their voice heard.

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