Forms & Procedures

General Information

Resource Revised Date
Glossary of Terms Apr 2017
Business Office Contacts Apr 2017



Resource Revised Date
State 1A Travel Request Form (xlsx)
Travel Expense Claim
Travel Policy (pdf) Jan 2011
Travel Insurance Requirements (pdf) Jan 2010
Travel Guidelines Dec 2015
Travel Guidelines Presentation (pdf) Jan 2016
Estimate of Travel Expenses (xls) Jan 2016
Enterprise Car Rental Portal Jan 2011
P Card Travel Guidelines Jan 2012



Resource Revised Date
Payroll Calendar 2017 Nov 2016
Payroll Calendar 2016 Nov 2016
Time Card Quick Reference Jan 2010
Cal Poly Corporation Regular Late Timecard (xls) Nov 2013
Cal Poly Corporation Multiple Account Late Timecard-Regular (xls) Nov 2013
Cal Poly Corporation Student Late Timecard (xls) Nov 2013
Cal Poly Corporation Multiple Account Late Timecard-Student (xls) Nov 2013
Cal Poly Corporation Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (doc) Nov 2013
Exempt Exception Timesheet (doc) Nov 2013
Missed Meal & Break Form (doc) Sept 2016
Makeup Time Request Form (doc) Nov 2013
CPC Pay/Kronos Hours Adjustment Log(xls) Nov 2013
CPC Pay/Kronos Prior Period Adjustment Form (xls) Nov 2013
CPC Sponsored Programs – Volunteer Time Card (xls) Nov 2013


CPC Pay/Kronos

Resource Revised Date
CPC Pay/Kronos Employee Quick Reference Guide for Students/Intermittent/Additional Compensation Employees (docx) Jan 2015
CPC Pay/Kronos Employee Quick Reference Guide for Benefitted Employees (docx) Jan 2015
CPC Pay/Kronos Employment Quick Reference Guide for Managers (docx) Jan 2015
CPC Pay/Kronos Prior Period Adjustment Form (xls) Jan 2013
CPC Pay/Kronos Hours Adjustment Log (xls Jan 2013
Employment Policy and Procedure Quick Reference Guide Jan 2013
New Hire, Adding Additional Accounts and Payroll Procedures (docx) Jan 2014


Finance – General Information and Forms

Resource Revised Date
Accountable Plan Mar 2011
ACH Enrollment Form (xlsx) Apr 2014
Campus Food Service Policy Jan 2012
Cell Phone Policy & Procedure July 2015
Cell Phone Reimbursement Pre-Authorization Form Mar 2017
Cell Phone Reimbursement Request Form Mar 2017
CPC Deposit Form (xls) May 2012
CPC Facsimile Form (xlsx) Jan 2012
CPC Fixed Asset Property Transfer May 2016
CPC Fixed Asset Property Disposal Form (xlsx) Jan 2015
CPC Signature Authorization Form (xlsx) Jan 2017
ONESolution Object Codes Mar 2011
Merchant Application (xlsx) Jan 2010
Stipend Tax Reporting Jan 2015
Stock Gifts Jan 2010


Finance – Hospitality

Resource Revised Date
Hospitality Matrix Mar 2017
Hospitality Justification Form Mar 2017
Hospitality Policy Mar 2017


Finance – Purchasing Information and Forms

Resource Revised Date
CPC Check Request Form (xls) May 2017
CPC Check Request Quick Reference Aug 2014
CPC Check Request Form Instructions Mar 2012
CPC Sole Source Purchase Justification Form (xlsx) Aug 2014
CPC Sole Source Purchase Justification Guidelines Mar 2013
CPC Requisition Form (xlsx) Feb 2017
CPC Requisition Quick Reference Aug 2014
CPC Requisition Form Instructions Aug 2014
CPC Requisition Phone Quote Worksheet Form (xlsx) Aug 2014
CPC Purchase Order Amendment/Supplement Form (xls) May 2017
CPC Purchase Order Amendment/Supplement Form Instructions Aug 2014
Management Guidelines for the Corporation Purchasing Policy Mar 2011
CPC Petty Cash Form (xls)
CPC Petty Cash Form Quick Reference
May 2012
CPC Guest Lecturer Form (xls) Mar 2011
CPC IRS Form W9 (pdf) May 2011
Missing Receipt Form (pdf) Nov 2016


Finance – Purchasing Related Taxes

Resource Revised Date
Sales and Use Tax Explained (xls) Mar 2012
Withholding Taxes (docx) Mar 2014


Finance – Independent Contractors and Insurance

Resource Revised Date
Independent Contractor Requirements (docx) Mar 2014
Independent Contractor Agreement – Template (pdf) Feb 2017
Certificate of Insurance – Instructions (docx) April 2014
Instructional Guide for Insurance Company (docx) April 2014


Finance – Raffle Information

Resource Revised Date
Raffle Application (doc) (Quick Reference) Feb 2013
Raffle Application Process FAQ Jan 2010
State Document – Final Raffle Report (pdf) Jan 2010


Human Resources – Benefits

Resource Revised Date
AFLAC – Basic Information Jan 2011
AFLAC – Supplementary Dental Insurance Jan 2011
AFLAC – Direct Deposit Form Jan 2011
AFLAC – Personal Accident Indemnity Plan Jan 2011
AFLAC – Personal Cancer Indemnity Jan 2011
AFLAC – Specified Health Event Jan 2011
Dental Insurance
Anthem Blue Cross Dental Complete Jan 2016
Dental Broker Information Jan 2016
Anthem Dental Evidence of Coverage Jan 2016
Dentist Network Jan 2016
Employee Assistance Program Feb 2017
Employee Benefits Summary Feb 2016
Fee Reimbursement Program Jul 2016
Fee Reimbursement Application (Word) Feb 2016
Flexible Spending & Dependent Care Accounts
FSA/DCA Enrollment Forms Sep 2016
FSA/DCA Reimbursement Jan 2013
Life Insurance
Optional Life Insurance Information Sep 2016
Life Insurance Broker Information Sep 2016
Optional Life Insurance Enrollment/Increase Sep 2016
Medical Insurance
2016 Medical Plans and Premiums Jul 2015
2017 Medical Plans and Premiums Sep 2016
2017 Medical Plan Summary of Covered Services Sep 2016
CalPERS 2017 Health Benefit Summary Sep 2016
2017 Health Ins Open Enrollment Information Sep 2016
2017 Medical Insurance Plan Change Form Sep 2016
Evidence of Coverage for all Medical Plans Feb 2015
Coastal Communities Physician Network Jan 2013
Physicians Choice Medical Group of SLO Jan 2013
Retirement – CalPERS Pension Plan
How to Register for MyCalPERS Access Sep 2016
CalPERS Website Sep 2016
CalPERS Retirement Class Enrollment Instructions Sep 2016
Retirement – Supplementary Plans
457 – Plan Information Sep 2016
457 – Enrollment Form Sep 2016
457 – Change Form Sep 2016
457 – Beneficiary Form Sep 2016
403b – Enrollment Form Sep 2016
Vision Insurance
Vision Benefits Sep 2016
MetLife Vision PPO Sep 2016
Vision Broker Information Sep 2016
MetLife Vision Evidence of Coverage Sep 2016
Vision Network Sep 2016
Wellness Program Sep 2016
Wellness Incentive Claim Form Jul 2015


Human Resources – Employment

Resource Revised Date
Background Check Policy Requirements and Checking Practices (pdf) Dec 2016
Background Check Request Form (docx) Jul 2016
Employment Quick Reference Jan 2013
E-Verify Jan 2011
Personnel Information Form (PIF) (docx) July 2017
Student Intermittent Application (SIA) (docx) Jul 2015
New Hire Instructions Jul 2015
I9 – Employment Eligibility Verification* (pdf) Jul 2017
I9 – Instructions for Completing I-9 (pdf) Dec 2016
State Tax Form (pdf) Aug 2017
W-4 Form (pdf) (optional; default is S-O) Jan 2017
Supervisor’s Checklist for New Employees (doc)) Jan 2013
Supervisor’s Checklist for New Students (doc) Jan 2013
Missed Meal & Break Form (doc) Sep 2016
Address Change Form (pdf) Dec 2016
Mustang Jobs Guide (doc) Jan 2011
Parent Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment (doc) Jul 2017
Volunteer Forms (pdf) Jul 2014
Holiday Schedule Jan 2017

*Bolded items are required paperwork for new hires.


Human Resources – Performance Evaluations

Resource Revised Date
Regular Benefited Performance Evaluation (Non-Management Salary Plan) (pdf) Jul 2016
Regular Benefited Performance Evaluation – Instructions (Non-Management Salary Plan) (docx) Jul 2016
Management Evaluation Form (pdf) Aug 2016
Management Evaluation Form – Instructions (Management Salary Plan) (docx) July 2015
3-6 Month Evaluation Instructions (NMSP & MSP) (docx) July 2015


Human Resources – Federal Work Study

Resource Revised Date
Federal Work Study Procedures Jan 2010
Mustang Jobs Guide (doc) Jan 2011
Federal Work Study SERF Form (MUST BE TYPED) Feb 2017
Federal Work Study SERF Sample (pdf) July 2017


Human Resources – Safety

Resource Revised Date
Safety Manual Jan 2014
Supervisor’s Injury/Illness Report (pdf) Jan 2010
Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1) (pdf) Jan 2013
University Link to Workplace Violence Prevention Program Jan 2010
Workers’ Compensation Injury Reporting Packet (pdf) Jan 2015


Human Resources – Recruitment

Resource Revised Date
Interview Evaluation Record (docx) Mar 2011
Legal Restrictions on Interview Questions (pdf) Mar 2014
Reference Check Comments (docx) Mar 2011
Reference Checking Procedures (docx) Mar 2011
Recruitment Procedures for a Benefited Position Mar 2011
Recruitment Requisition (docx) Mar 2011
Recommendation For Employment Selection (docx) Mar 2011
Sample Format of a Position Description (doc) Feb 2017
Employee Benefits Jan 2013


Human Resources – Other

Resource Revised Date
Emergency Contacts (doc) Jan 2015
Cal Poly Information Security Awareness and Training – Full (pdf) Jan 2015
Cal Poly Information Security Awareness and Training – Minimal (pdf) Jan 2015
Policy Against Harassment Jan 2016
Property, Security, Privacy, Searches and Use Policy (docx) Jan 2015
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements and Notifications Jan 2013
Personnel File Inspection/Copy Request Form Oct 2016
Employee Counseling Notice Dec 2016


Campus Programs

Resource Revised Date
Request for New Account (pdf) May 2017
Account Definitions Jan 2015
BOE Quick Start Guide (pdf) Jan 2010
BOE Frequently Asked Questions Jan 2010
Campus Food Service Policy Jan 2012
Professional Development Guidelines Jan 2017


Information Technology

Resource Revised Date
IT Project Initiation Form Feb 2017
Cal Poly Information Security Awareness and Training – Full (pdf) Jan 2015
Cal Poly Information Security Awareness and Training – Minimal (pdf) Jan 2015
Third Party Vendor Security Questionair (xlsx) Jan 2015
Identify Finder User Guide (pdf) Jan 2015
Introduction to SRS (pdf) Jan 2010
CPC New Account Request Form (docx) Jan 2010
Request for ONESolution Access (docx) Nov 2016
Request for BOE Access (docx) Jan 2015
Authorization for BOE Access to HR/Payroll Reports Non-PI/Director (docx) Jan 2010
User’s Guide (pdf)
2Jan 015
BOE InfoView Quick Start Guide (pdf) Jan 2012


Sponsored Programs

Cost Share Report (doc) Feb 2010
Cost Transfer Request Form (xlsx) Jan 2013
Cost Transfer Request Form Instructions Jan 2013
Personnel Activity Report (PAR) – Faculty (xls) Jan 2010
Personnel Activity Report (PAR) – Staff (xls) Jan 2010
Proprietary Information Agreement (doc) Jan 2010
BiTech User’s Guide for PI’s (Grant Management Reports) (doc) Jan 2010
Signature Authorization – Sponsored Programs (doc) Jul 2016
Stipend, Scholarship, Fellowship Guidance Document (doc) Jan 2011
University Link to 107 Release/Assignment Forms Jan 2010
CPC Sponsored Programs – Volunteer Time Card (xls) Nov 2013
Protected Health Information (PHI) Confidentiality Agreement Feb 2014