Amendment/Supplemental Requisition Form Instructions

Instructions for completing a supplemental are as follows:

  1. Select which company the amendment/supplement is for (CPC or CPF)
  2. Indicate the vendor
  3. Enter the Key & Object code to be charged
  4. Enter the original PO number
  5. Enter current date
  6. Enter the name of the requestor, their phone number, and the department
  7. Enter in the amount that will affect the total amount of the PO
  8. Indicate if the PO is to be cancelled OR
  9. A change in the quantity – enter the item # from – to
  10. A change in pricing – enter the item # from – to
  11. Enter the original PO amount
  12. Enter in the amount of the decrease OR
  13. Enter in the amount of the increase
  14. Add or subtract lines 12-13
  15. Check if revised PO is to be mailed to vendor. Faxed? Indicate:
    • Yes – enter fax number
    • No – go to line 16
  16. Signature of person having authority to sign for the key indicated on line 3 above

Upon receipt by the Corporation Business Office, the supplemental will be entered into the system. A revised purchase order will be not be mailed to the vendor (unless indicated on the amendment/supplement form on line 16) and a copy will not be sent to the requestor.

Supplement Form Example - Insructions listed above