Business Office Contacts

The following individuals are available to assist you with various CPC transactions.

Name Phone Number
Sr. Accounting Manager Mariann Van Pelt 756-6487
Accounting Manager – Payroll/AR/Travel/Cashiering Cindy Boone 756-2457
Accounts Payable-Supervisor Van McCarty 756-2218
ASI Accounts Payable Alicia Ley 756-5323
CPC Accounts Payable – Check Requests Maggie Cital-Randall 756-2817
CPC Accounts Payable – Purchase Orders Ann Ormonde 756-1454
CPC Accounts Payable – University Store Ann Ormonde 756-1454
Accounts Receivable Julia Perez 756-1125
Campus Program/Special Accounts Linda Teeple 756-2224
Cashiering-Lead Merrie Kay Reis 756-5064
Cashier Joann Christensen 756-2849
Employment/Recruitment/Policies Jennifer Luedtke 756-1122
Workers Comp HR 756-1151
Inventories/Fixed Assets Marie Fidel 756-2423
Banking/Liability Insurance Joe Alves 756-7352
PCard Ken Manning 756-1136
Agencies Marie Fidel 756-2423
Payroll – ASI Cindy Boone 756-2457
Payroll – CPC Rose Avalos 756-6645
Requisitions/PO’s/Petty Cash Michele Bullock 756-1453
Sponsored Programs Jodi Block 756-1123
Travel Advance/Claims Julia Perez 756-1125

Revised Date: 12/7/2015