Recruitment Procedures for a Benefited Position

These recruitment procedures are for benefited positions only; non-benefited positions are recruited by the individual departments. Before recruiting for a benefited employee, it must be determined that there is funding for at least one year. A fully-benefited full-time position will add ~50% to the salary cost.

All regular-benefited positions are advertised and viewed online at Please read through these procedures carefully, prepare the documents requested, and submit them to the Cal Poly Corporation Recruiting Specialist. Funding for the position, must be in a Cal Poly Corporation held account (not a Foundation account). If the position will be performing duties for State functions versus Cal Poly Corporation functions, then the position should be hired via the State.

Instructions for submitting recruitment paperwork to Human Resources

  1. If this is a new position, develop a position description and discuss it with the Recruiting Specialist to determine the appropriate salary grade. Follow the format in Sample Format of a Position Description for Newly Created Positions (docx). If this is a current position, please review the position description and update it, if necessary.
  2. Assemble a Screening Committee consisting of at least three members who are familiar with the requirements of the position (committee should be diverse); designate the Committee Chair.
  3. Determine where you want to advertise the position. All regular-benefited position vacancies will be advertised in Cal Jobs and on our website at Human Resources will also advertise the positions in any other publications or magazines you designate. All advertising costs and travel reimbursements are borne by the recruiting department. Closing or review dates will be set at a minimum of two weeks (three weeks for exempt positions) after the position is advertised.
  4. Compile a list of questions that may assist you further in screening applicants. Human Resources will ask questions based on the position requirements, however, you may ask more specific questions.
  5. Complete and sign the Requisition for Recruitment of Personnel.
  6. Deliver the following documents to Human Resources, Building 15:

    If the paperwork is not hand-delivered to Human Resources, please follow up with a phone call or email to be sure it has been received.

  7. Email the position description to [email protected], in case any changes need to be made.


Instructions for Screening Applications, Interviewing and Selecting a Successful Candidate

  1. Screen applications. The Screening Committee Chair and its members will receive a user name and password to view the applications 24/7 as well as instructions for navigating the Cal Poly Corporation Jobs website. They will have access to viewing all the applicants for the recruitment by logging on to: Committee members will also be able to export results to an Excel spreadsheet which includes applicant names and type in reasons for non-selection.
  2. Submit list of applicants you wish to interview. Once you have reviewed the applications, met with the members of your Screening Committee, and decided who you want to interview, please submit this list to Human Resources for approval BEFORE you schedule any interviews. Note, CPC strongly believes in promoting from within, therefore all regular CPC employees who meet the minimum requirements should be interviewed.
  3. Compile a list of questions to ask applicants during the interview. Review the Legal Restrictions on Interview Questions (docx) beforehand.
  4. Schedule interviews. Email each selected applicant with a map (, a contact name/phone number (someone who will be available if you are in an interview location and not at your desk) and clear instructions on how to get to the interview location. Be sure to tell the applicant to purchase a daily parking permit. The Department may also purchase a Sponsored Guest permit for the applicant by submitting a request to the Visitor Information Center via email at [email protected] to be picked up at the kiosk on Grand Avenue.
  5. Interview applicants. Evaluate applicants using pre-established job related criteria. Use the attached Interview Evaluation Record (docx) as a guide. Have a glass of water, a copy of the position description and a Summary of Benefits available for each interviewee. Refer any questions about benefits to Human Resources.
  6. Create a log of applicants and type in remarks. If you have not already exported the names of applicants, please do so now. Log into Above the complete list of applicants and to the right, click on Actions, click on Export Results, click on Open. This will create an Excel report which will include the applicant names, the status, when they applied, etc. You will type in the reasons for non-selection/selection to the right; please also indicate whether they were interviewed. It is helpful to update the Excel spreadsheet to have the following titles: Full Name, Application Date, Interviewed (Y/N), Reasons for Non-Selection. All other columns may be deleted. At the bottom of the report, please type in the name of the recruitment, the date and the Hiring Manager/Screen Committee Chair’s name. Please be as specific as possible in the remarks, indicating education, experience, knowledge, skills and/or abilities that the applicant is lacking compared to the selected candidate. The basis for these “remarks” should be based only on the applicant’s work history, education, experience, training, knowledge, skills or any combination of these factors. Statements such as “lacks qualifications of other candidates” or “overqualified” do not provide our office with sufficient detail to respond to the applicants and may lead to discrimination claims. The best way to approach the log is to have the basic requirements and the top skills possessed by your selected candidate in front of you and have your comments be based off the important skills that the selected candidate has that the other candidate does not. This way we can clearly identify the reason why we hired one person over the others. Reasons for non-selection may not include the absence of skills that the selected candidate doesn’t have either. See examples below:
    • “Incomplete application”
    • “Lacks high volume restaurant experience or no customer service experience”
    • “Lacks depth of technical knowledge in ___________”
    • “Demonstrated poor oral communication skills necessary for the job”
    • “Education not related or less than that of selected candidate”
  7. Select final candidate and contact at least 3 references. Review the Reference Checking Procedures (docx) before you contact the references. Complete the Reference Check Comments (docx) or provide a separate attachment. When checking references, we recommend that hiring managers contact previous supervisors. For those individuals being hired into sensitive positions, education and employment verifications are required. The hiring manager will conduct the employment verification when completing the reference check. The education verification will be completed as a part of the criminal background check by our third party vendor.
  8. Complete the Recommendation for Employment Selection (docx). Hiring rates should be commensurate with the level of experience of the candidate with internal equity taken into consideration.
  9. After interviewing and selecting the final candidate, hand carry the following documents to HR:
    • Recommendation for Employment Selection
    • Justification Memo – This memo is from the Department Head/Chair and includes the names of the employees interviewed, when they were interviewed, and the reasons why you chose this candidate.
    • Hard copy of selected final candidate’s application
    • Reference Check Comments
    • Employment Verification, if required
    • Log listing all applicants and reasons for selection/non-selection
  10. Human Resources will review your recommendation and request additional information if needed. If approved, HR will contact the selected candidate to request personal information for a background check. If the background check is acceptable, Human Resources will contact you to offer the position to the candidate.
  11. Notify the Human Resources Specialist ([email protected]) after you have talked to the successful candidate to confirm the start date and salary. She will generate the offer letter and mail the benefits package, including a one day parking pass. If the employee is currently working for Cal Poly Corporation, then the regular-benefited appointment must begin at the beginning of the following pay period.

Keep in mind that any information related to the recruitment process must be kept confidential by all members of the screening committee. If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact Human Resources at extension 6-6446 or email [email protected].