Glossary of Terms

Term Description
ACCT Report A report which shows account balances for any given org key and object code
ACTE Report A report which shows account balances for any given org key and object code; this report also includes any encumbrances
Ad Comp Additional Compensation; Term used for CSU staff/faculty working up to 25% maximum additional time w/CPC on a contract/grant or through other external funding
AP Accounts Payable
AR Accounts Receivable
ASP Authorization of Signatures for purchasing
ASI Associated Students, Inc. (Cal Poly student Association)
Assigned Time University assigned release time for faculty. Pertains to “cost sharing”; University both releases and pays for faculty member to work on research
AY Academic Year
One Solution CPC General Ledger Software
BOE Business Objects Enterprises. The reporting tool for CPF and CPC financial transactions
CAB CPC Administration Building
Casual Employee Also known as Intermittent Employee. Accounting office uses “casual”, HR uses “intermittent”; a part time non-benefitted, non-student employee
CBO CPC Business Office
CBORD PolyCard & Dining Plan System
Charitable Trust A trust having a charitable organization (such as Cal Poly) as a beneficiary
Check Request A means for requesting a payment be made to a specified payee
COI Conflict of Interest
COGNOS Reporting tool for CPC financials
CPC Cal Poly Corporation (formerly Cal Poly Foundation); Non-profit established to support the University in those things it cannot do by law, or chooses not to do
CPC Pay Web Timekeeping system available via the Cal Poly Portal
CPDT Cal Poly Downtown
CPF Cal Poly Foundation; Non-profit philanthropic foundation established March 2006 for the purpose of generating private support
CPPC Cal Poly Print and Copy, printing operation in the library
CPSU Cal Poly State University
CTO Compensatory Time Off (hour for hour); used only for benefitted employees required to work on a holiday; cannot be used in lieu of payment for overtime
DE 4 State Tax Withholding Certificate
Deposit An addition of cash to an account
Deposit/Withdrawal Report A monetary report that reflects all deposits and expenditures for a specific key; similar to a bank statement
EATEC Campus Dining’s Inventory Program
Encumbrance Funds restricted for anticipated expenditures; such as for outstanding purchase orders
Endowment Permanent fund where gifts to the fund are held in perpetuity and where earnings are used in accordance with the donor’s specified wishes
EO Executive Order (normally from the Chancellor’s office)
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board. Referred to as “Fasbee”
Fiduciary A person or business that has the power and obligation to act for another under circumstances which require total trust, good faith, and honesty
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GASB Government Accounting Standards Board
GDO Grants Development Office (Cal Poly)
HR CPC Human Resources Department
I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
ICSUAM Integrated CSU Administrative Manual
IT CPC Information Technology
ITRC Irrigation Training and Research Center
ITS University Information Technology Services
I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
Kronos CPC Timekeeping System
Micros Campus Dining Point of Sale (POS) System
MBS Missouri Book Systems, the University Store’s primary systems provider
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NACC National Association of Collegiate Concessionaires
NACS National Association of Convenience Stores
NACUFS National Association of College and University Food Services
NRA Non Resident Alien
Org Key 5-digit number which represents a department
Object Code 6-digit number which represents an account (i.e. 824000 represents supplies)
OH Open Hold (Accounts Payable)
P & L Profit and loss statements for the University Store
Perpetuity An indefinite period of time; forever
Petty Cash A minimal amount of cash; Petty cash funds are used to reimburse approved expenditures less than $100.00
PI Sponsored Research Principal Investigator, also known as “Project Director”.
PIF Payroll Information Form; required for employment and status changes
POS Point-of-Sale; the University Store’s four IBM 4690 POS systems
Release Time Compensation to faculty (usually P.I.) funded from grant funds for time released from University appointment to pursue objectives of the project
Restricted Gift Monies gifted for a specific use
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
Signature Authorization Form A form used by CPC Business Office to verify authorized signatures on a given org key
SP Sponsored Programs
State Charge Back The State’s way of electronically invoicing charges other campus entities incur
TECF Travel Expense Claim Form
TKC TimeKeeper Central; time clock system used by payroll
TRNS Report A report generated from Bi-Tech (IFAS) which shows transactions for any given org key and object code
TRNE Report A report generated from Bi-Tech (IFAS), which shows transactions for any given org key and object code; this report also includes any outstanding encumbrances
UGS University Graphic Systems
Unpaid AP (OH) Transactions that have been charged to an account, however the check has not been physically cut (issued) yet; Open Hold
WHSE University Store Warehouse
Withdrawal A subtraction of cash from an account
Withholding @ Source California Required Withholding of 7% for out of state unincorporated vendors performing a service
Workstation Another term for Personal Computer. Typically used for PCs used at work
WRAP Waste Reduction Awards Program
WTU Weighted Teaching Units; measures faculty release time, one WTU = x amount of time released from teaching
W2 IRS year end earnings statement for employees
W4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
W9 IRS required form for non-employees
107C CPSU HR form for faculty/staff release time. Shows amount and period of time released
1099 Form used to report income earned by non-employees for services rendered