New Hire Instructions

A complete new hire packet includes a Payroll Information Form, a W-4, a Consent form for Background Checks (intermittents only), an Application for Student/Intermittent Employment (application not required for faculty) and an I-9. A change in pay rate requires a payroll information form only. Following are instructions on how to complete these forms. An I-9 must be completed on the first day of employment and original documents must be submitted by the employee within 3 days of employment or the employee may not work.

If you have any questions, please call Human Resources at 805-756-1121.

How to Complete a Payroll Information Form (PIF)

Instructions for the Employee

  • Complete Section I: Print or type your personal information in the top box. Do not use pencil and be sure to use your mailing address.
  • Complete Section III: Sign and date the form on page 2.
  • If you are working for a Sponsored Project, Conference and Event Planning, or Campus Programs an additional signature is required before you may be approved to work. You or your supervisor must obtain the signature at one of the appropriate locations below:
    • Sponsored Programs: Building 38, Room 102
    • Conference & Event Planning: Poly Canyon Village, Aliso Building 171A
    • Campus Programs: Linda Teeple, Building 15
  • Bring the payroll information form to Cal Poly Corporation Human Resources, Building 15.
  • If this is your first job with Cal Poly Corporation, you will be required to bring original unexpired documents for completing the Form I-9 before beginning to work. Typical documents required for the Form I-9 are a driver’s license and Social Security card OR a Passport. Please contact Human Resources for a complete list of acceptable documents. If you are an international student, please bring all your documentation to show your eligibility to work, such as I-20.
  • Human Resources will not accept incomplete or invalid paperwork.

Instructions for the Supervisor

  • Please obtain background check clearance, as required, prior to completing the PIF with an employee. No employee can start work until they have met with HR for new hire paperwork.
  • Complete Section II: The supervisor completes the department information including Action, Position Title, Org Key, Account Code, Workers’ Comp Code, Effective Date and Pay Rate. Verify the employee has completed his/her section legibly and ask the employee to sign/date the payroll information form. We cannot accept incomplete forms.
  • Complete Section III: Sign at the bottom of the form next to “Authorized By” and date. Please remember to print your name next to the signature and include a telephone number so Human Resources can contact you with any questions. If any additional signatures are required (such as Sponsored Programs, Conference & Event Planning, or Campus Programs) they must be included before the personnel information form is processed. See locations above.
  • Send the student/intermittent employee to Human Resources with the completed payroll information form. Make sure the employee has the required original unexpired Form I-9 documents (typical documents are a driver license and social security card OR a passport). The employee may not begin work until the required paperwork is completed.

How to Complete a W-4

Instructions for Employee

  • Use the worksheet to assist you in deciding what amount you should claim. Complete sections 1, 2 and 3 and sections 5, 6 and 7 as applicable. Sign and date the form.
  • If you do not complete a form, or complete the form incorrectly, the IRS default is Single and 0.
  • If you wish to claim a different amount for state taxes you must complete the State Tax form.

How to Complete an I-9

Instructions for the Employee

  • Complete ONLY Section 1.
  • Check one of the three boxes describing your legal status
  • Sign your name and date under the words “Employee’s Signature”
  • Bring original documents proving you can work in the United States to either your Supervisor (if requested by Supervisor) or the Human Resources Office (Building 15) for verification.
  • See back of I-9 for a list of acceptable documents. Most common are drivers license and social security card.
  • Foreign students must bring your I-9 and all Visa documents (Passport, I94 & I-20) required for employment to the Human Resources Office for verification. You must have a Social Security number before beginning employment.

Instructions for the Supervisor

    • Accept only Original Documents for Verification of employment eligibility.
    • If you only see the receipt please write the word “RECEIPT” next to the document title.
    • You must completely fill out all lines applicable to the documentation shown.
    • Two picture Ids are not necessarily acceptable documents. Refer to the backside of the I-9 for a list of acceptable documents. Most common documents are an original driver’s license and social security card.
    • Expiration dates are very important.
    • Send foreign students to Human Resources for employment eligibility verification.

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