P Card Travel Guidelines

All travel expenses can be purchased on P-Card with the exception of meals, fuel for personal vehicle and hospitality. Traveler must comply with CPC Travel Guidelines.

Advances- Travel Related Purchases Prior to Travel

  • A Travel Request must be on file at CPC.
  • Any purchases including conference registration that is made prior to travel is considered an Advance. Card holder will enter purchases on a log. A copy of the log will be sent to CPC Travel Desk. The log will contain a brief description of charges, traveler’s name, travel dates and destination.
  • Advances will be coded to: XXXXX-198100.
  • Advances must be cleared within 10 days after completion of travel. A Travel Claim will be submitted to clear the advance. A copy of the log showing all travel related charges will be included with the Travel Claim.

Purchases – Any Travel Related Purchase While Traveling

  • Any travel related purchases made while traveling will be included on the Travel Claim. A copy of the log will be attached to the Travel Claim. The log will contain the following information: name of traveler, dates of travel and destination.
  • All purchases will be coded to XXXXX-198100.

Travel Related Transactions Allowed

  • Hotel Room and Internet – charges only
  • Transportation
  • Conference registration
  • Parking
  • Gasoline for rental cars only

Travel Related Transactions Not Allowed

  • Meals
  • Hospitality