Vehicle Rentals

The State of California has negotiated a new rental car agreement. The primary car rental vendor is Enterprise Rent A Car for all government travel. In the event that the primary vendor is unable
to provide service the secondary vendor must be used. The secondary vendor, Vanguard Car Rental USA is the parent company of Alamo and National Car Rental. Departments are required to ensure that the
secondary vendor is only used when the primary vendor cannot provide service.

Primary Vendor

Enterprise Rent A Car
Base Rate $ 32.39
Maximum Rate $38.84 (excluding New York City)

Secondary Vendor

Vanguard Car Rental USA: Alamo / National
Base Rate $ 33.90
Maximum Rate $80.75

Enterprise Car Rental
To rent a vehicle please click on the following link:

  1. Enter the location of the rental
  2. Dates needed
  3. Choose vehicle needed
  4. Enter Renter’s Contact Information
  5. Enter Fund and Dept. ID (This is important as it will be billed to the Orgkey & DeptID entered) you will not be required to use a credit card, your rental will be direct billed to your project/department.

(Do not include the rental on your travel claim. Your claim is only for the amounts you have spent.)

In the event that the primary vendor is unable to provide service the secondary vendor must be used. To book with Alamo and National call Giselle’s Travel.

In the event that employees rent from a company that does not have a contract with the CPC, his/her department or agency may be legally responsible for all damages (bodily injury, death and property damage) sustained by others as well as property damage to the rental vehicle.

(Your Rental car will be billed directly to Cal Poly, do not put this expense on your claim form.)

See the Travel Guidelines section or call Julia Perez at (805) 756-1125 for more travel info.

Insurance Information

Please note that if you are renting a truck locally you should use the Enterprise Rental Agency in order to have appropriate insurance coverage and obtain the state contracted rental rate. None of the
other rental agencies offer truck rentals under the state contract. If you are unable to use Enterprise to rent a truck then you must pay for the additional insurance that the rental agency provides,
which will be reimbursed. The following insurance grid provides important information regarding automobile insurance coverage for a variety of different travel scenarios.