Requisition Form Instructions

CPC/CPF Requisition Forms are located at: Requisition Form (excel)

Instructions for completing a requisition are as follows: (a corresponding requisition form is shown following the requisition and supplemental form instructions)

  1. Begin by selecting which company the requisition is for (CPC or CPF)
  2. Indicate the vendor
  3. Enter the address
  4. Enter the date you are submitting the requisition
  5. Enter the Key & Object code to be charged
  6. Enter the name of the requestor, their phone number, and the department
  7. Ship To: indicate where your purchase(s) should be dropped off. If checking “other”; indicate building and room number for delivery.
  8. Order placed? indicate:
    • No – go to line 9.
    • Yes – indicate how order was placed
  9. Check if purchase order is to be mailed to vendor or not mailed. Faxed? Indicate:
    • Yes – enter fax number
    • No – go to line 10
  10. Enter number of items to be ordered.
  11. Enter unit i.e. each, case, pounds.
  12. Enter description of item(s) to be ordered.
  13. Enter per unit cost of item.
  14. Enter total of items ordered: This field is automatically calculated and represents #10 x #13.
  15. Subtotal column – Field is automatically calculated
  16. Add sales tax if applicable. If merchandise is for resale – do not include sales tax. Sales tax is 7.25% when items are being shipped ON Cal Poly campus. Otherwise sales tax is determined by city/county percent where merchandise is received. (Field is automatically calculated at 7.25%)
  17. Pay Freight if Charged – Yes or No. if Yes see #18
  18. Indicate amount of freight if known
  19. Add lines 15-18. (This field is automatically calculated)
  20. Indicate whether or not items being purchased are for resale.
  21. Indicate date order is needed.
  22. Signature of person having authority to sign for the key indicated on line 10 above.

Once completed, please forward the requisition to the appropriate Corporation contact for approval:

  • Sponsored Programs for org key range 45000-59999 and 82000- 82990 (with the exception of 82890).
  • Conference and Event Planning for key range 82890 and 83000- 88999
  • All other key ranges forward to Corporation Business Office. Please keep a copy for your records.

Upon receipt by the Corporation Business Office, a requisition will be entered into the system and a purchase order will be mailed to the vendor (unless indicated on requisition form line #4) and a copy will be sent to the requestor.

Please allow 2-3 days of processing time for a requisition.

Requisition Form Example - Insructions listed above