Safety Manual

Revised 2014

Assignment of Injury Prevention Responsibilities

In accordance with Title 8, Section 3203 of the California Code of Regulations, the Cal Poly Corporation has assigned the overall responsibility to develop, coordinate, and review the Corporation’s safety and health program to the Corporation Associate Human Resources Director with overall authority from the Executive Director. The Associate Human Resources Director shall insure that:

  1. Safety inspection reports, employees’ reports of Occupational Injury or Illness Reports, employees’ claim form for Workers’ Compensation Benefits and employee medical documents are processed, analyzed, reported, and stored properly.
  2. Inspections of Corporation facilities are conducted routinely and inspection reports are prepared as necessary.
  3. Each injury or illness report is analyzed to determine cause of the injury or illness.
  4. Appropriate personnel correct safety hazards found during inspections or following review of an employee injury or illness report.
  5. Employee safety training is developed and implemented.
  6. Employees are informed about the Corporation’s safety policies and procedures.