Safety Manual

Revised 2014

Employee Training and Safety Orientation

Employee training and safety orientation is a multi faceted process. Training involves the employee, employee’s supervisor and the Human Resources office.

The employee’s supervisor is the primary source for safety training. Each employee is to be thoroughly trained regarding the specific hazards for the job, orientation to potentially hazardous chemicals used, and other specific safety concerns for the specific work area before working in that particular area.

The Corporation Human Resources office staff provides information regarding workers’ compensation insurance at the time of hire. Employees are encouraged to bring all safety related questions to their supervisor and/or the Corporation Health and Safety Committee.

The Supervisor’s Safety Orientation checklist can be found in Appendix G. Supervisors must use this form during the orientation of each new regular employee and forward a completed, signed checklist for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. Safety training should occur within 5 days of the employee’s hiring. In the case of student and intermittent employees, the supervisor should complete the checklist and keep it with the Department’s records.

Employees may be required to attend periodic safety training sessions regarding topics of general interest Corporation wide and/or training sessions on specific safety topics within their department. The Corporation Associate Human Resources Director will keep records of such training.

Record keeping is an important requirement of safety training. Both formal and informal training must be documented. Supervisors are encouraged to document all on-the-job safety training, including staff meetings and one-on-one training. Records must be kept for all employees, including students and intermittent employees.