Safety Manual

Revised 2014

General Safety Guide

Safety rules are established for the well being of all employees. Each department and specific work area has specific rules in addition to the General Employee Safety Rules. All employees are required to sign a copy of the General Safety Rules at the time of hire. For benefited employees, the signed copy shall be placed in the employee’s Personnel file. Departments are responsible for filing student and intermittent employee signed copies.

  1. Maintain a safe working environment for yourself and coworkers. If you have any doubts about the safe way to perform a task, ask your supervisor.
  2. Always report unsafe working conditions to your supervisor. You are not expected under any circumstances to take unnecessary chances or to work under hazardous conditions without adequate safeguards. All employees have the right to report unsafe working conditions to their supervisor without fear of reprisal.
  3. Learn the warning signs of workplace violence and take preventative measures to ensure a safe work environment. Report any threats of workplace violence to your supervisor. All threats will be taken seriously.
  4. Walk, do not run. Use the handrail while ascending or descending stairs. Prevent slips and falls. Watch for spills or loose objects on the floor. Clean up spills immediately.
  5. Wear proper clothing, including footwear, for your specific job. Know the specific requirements of your department and ensure that you are in adherence.
  6. Lift properly. Keep your back straight. Do not twist when carrying or lifting a load. Do not attempt to lift heavy objects by yourself; get help.
  7. Report any injury involving a personal injury on the job, no matter how minor, to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Safety rules are for your protection and for the protection of your coworkers. Failure to comply with these safety rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.