Safety Manual

Revised 2014

Injury and Illness Prevention and Investigation


It is every employee’s duty to help prevent work related injuries and illnesses. Prevention means reducing the risk of unwarranted events, by learning machine operation, never operating defective machines, wearing proper protective clothing for the job, and making safety a top priority.

The Cal Poly Corporation strives to prevent injuries and illnesses by providing employee and supervisor training, by conducting quarterly safety inspections, by reviewing all injuries and by welcoming employee comments and concerns regarding safety, and by taking direct remedial and preventative actions to eliminate unsafe conditions.

If an employee notes a safety concern in the work area, the following procedures are to be followed:


  1. Notify the supervisor immediately of the concern.
  2. If the safety concern is of an imminently hazardous nature, the supervisor shall prevent the injury by locking out machinery, removing employees from the dangerous area, or both.


The Corporation sponsors a Health and Safety Committee, whose responsibility includes inspecting the various work areas for potentially harmful situations (see Appendix B for further information). When concerns are expressed by the Committee to departments, the Department Head shall investigate the concerns and respond in writing to the Safety Committee. In addition, each employee has the responsibility to constantly monitor his/her work area for potentially unsafe conditions, and report such conditions to the supervisor immediately.

Each Department Head is responsible for investigating injuries/illnesses occurring within his/her department. The purpose of an injury/illness investigation is to establish all relevant facts and options so that a proper conclusion can be drawn about what must be done to prevent a recurrence.

Preventing recurrence is the true objective of the injury/illness investigation. Injury/illness investigations should include (but not be limited to): Statement from the injured employee, time/date/place, mechanics of the injury, and witnesses. In addition, the Associate Human Resources Director will investigate each incident within the Corporation and will assist the Department Head to prevent similar injuries/illnesses.


Correcting Unsafe Conditions:

The Associate Human Resources Director shall review all injury/illness reports and safety inspection reports. When a hazard has been identified or an injury or illness was caused by an unsafe condition, the Associate Human Resources Director will direct appropriate personnel to correct the hazard. If the hazard has the potential of causing an injury or illness, the Associate Human Resources Director shall “red tag” the equipment or area until the unsafe condition is eliminated.