Safety Manual

Revised 2014

Supervisor’s Safety Guide

As a supervisor, you are in a special position of responsibility. Supervisors are entrusted with the obligation to safeguard the well being of the workers in their charge. Supervisors can motivate their employees toward injury prevention by following these guidelines:

  1. Know the rules of safety that apply to the work you supervise. Obtain expert safety advice.
  2. Set a good example by demonstrating safety in your own work habits and personal conduct.
  3. Encourage your employees to discuss the hazards of their work with you. Be sure they understand the General Safety Rules, page II-1. Remember, all employees have the right to report unsafe working conditions without fear of reprisal.
  4. Train every employee in the safe methods for performing the job. Employees are to be trained in the safe handling of equipment, machine operation, hazardous chemicals, and emergency evacuation procedures. Complete a safety orientation checklist for every new employee. Ensure all employees understand the warning signs for workplace violence and know that all threats will be taken seriously. Anticipate hazards or risks which may arise from changes in equipment or methods before they occur.
  5. Anticipate hazards before they occur, or risks which may arise from changes in equipment or methods. Inspect the work environment regularly.
  6. Motivate your employees to work safely by methods such as: periodic meetings, awards for good safety records, use of educational materials, and your personal approval of a difficult task well handled.
  7. Investigate and analyze every injury or illness. Correct the cause. Encourage employees to report minor injuries in order to avoid a possible major injury later.
  8. Cooperate with others in the organization who are actively concerned with preventing injuries and illnesses. Your combined purpose is to keep employees fully able to work and on the job.
  9. When unsafe methods or unsafe working conditions are noted by any supervisor, it is the supervisor’s responsibility, and ultimately each Department Head’s responsibility, to ensure that the situation is corrected. The following steps should be taken:
    1. Stop the unsafe method or working condition.
    2. Instruct the employee involved in an unsafe method as to the correct method, to ensure the safety of the employee and fellow employees. Warn others of unsafe conditions and do not allow others to work until the unsafe condition is corrected.
    3. Keep a record (log) of unsafe working conditions noted, including date, Department Head notification and date repaired. If unsafe working methods are noted, log the action taken, including any disciplinary action. Appendix K contains a sample Working Condition Log.