Executive Office

Cal Poly Circa 1918

The law charges the CSU with oversight and general supervisory responsibility of auxiliaries, which is delegated to the related campuses. The president has designated Cal Poly’s Vice President of Administration and Finance as the fiscal officer of the campus to inspect and review all procedures and practices to determine compliance with policies, rules and regulations of the CSU and campus, and make recommendations to the president of the campus and the governing board.

The Corporation’s executive office is comprised of the executive director, associate executive director of administration and legal affairs, and is the administrative conduit through which the president and the Corporation Board of Directors provide leadership, guidance, and oversight of the Corporation activities. This office has overall responsibility for all Corporation operations, but also facilitates Cal Poly initiatives such as the faculty/staff housing and the Technology Park, and evaluates new business opportunities in support of Cal Poly.

The executive director directs and coordinates the Corporation programs within the policies established by the Board. The executive director manages the staff and the day-to-day operations, and ensures that operations and activities are compatible with Cal Poly and CSU policies and procedures. The executive director reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance, as well as the Cal Poly Corporation Board of Directors.

Administration and legal affairs provides review of contracts, laws and policies relevant to operations of the Corporation, including activities financed by accounts held at the Corporation but primarily managed by Cal Poly personnel.