Cal Poly Corporation Newsletter 08/31/12

Welcome to the start of a new academic year! This is one of our favorite times of year at Cal Poly as we welcome new and returning students to our campus. One of the Cal Poly Corporation’s traditions has been an annual Fall Orientation for all of our staff. This year, we have taken a different approach, have renamed the event Fall Kickoff, and are planning to have a bit of fun. We hope you enjoy the change. One of the pieces of Fall Orientation that many employees appreciated was the annual update from the Executive Director and Department Heads. This newsletter is intended to provide that update including a summary of all the work that has occurred in our various departments as we look forward to another busy and productive year.

A second piece of Fall Orientation, the Employee Reward and Recognition Program, is being rescheduled to the spring. As you may recall, this program honors and recognizes exemplary employees in three different categories: Process Improvement Award, Exceptional Customer Service Award, and the Above and Beyond Award. Nominations for this year’s awards will be held during Spring Quarter, with the winners announced at the Employee Appreciation Event held in June.

Below are the previous award winners:

Year Process Improvement Award Exceptional Customer Service Award Above & Beyond Award
2008 Laura Wunsh Lynnette Held Pat Johnstone
2009 Cindy Boone Kevin Wulzen Andrew von Dollen & Pam Hutchins
2010 Andrew von Dollen Maria Sapone Lyndee Sing
2011 Brian Schacherer Brian Walker Carla Brewer

University Store hosts special clearance sale – October 23 – 25

The University Store is hosting a mega sale at the store on October 23-25. Customers can save 25 to 75% on select items! Visit store for certain exclusions.

The University Store presents New Historical Displays and El Corral Alumni Shop

The University Store and Cal Poly Corporation are proud to feature this falls newest Cal Poly historical images from the early 20th century. These large displays are featured in the windows at the south end of University Store, facing the University Union Plaza. Inside the University Store is a newly dedicated area called the “El Corral Alumni Shop,” which pays tributes to the bookstore’s historical past. Images and historical facts about the store’s progression on campus from the past century are on display at the El Corral Alumni Shop. A special “thank you” goes out to University Archives and the Kennedy Library staff for providing these amazing historical photos.

The new SUPER Subway is now open!

The much anticipated Subway restaurant is now open for service at Dexter (Bldg. 34). Subway is open from 7a.m. – 11p.m. daily, offering fresh sandwiches on their signature breads, chopped salads, smoothies and even espresso drinks. This SUPER Subway was uniquely design with two Subway stations built into one space, making it faster and more convenient for customers to get in and out. There’s even a Grab and Go window open from 10a.m. – 2p.m. daily, serving pre-made classic subs. A grand opening celebration will take place soon – please visit the Campus Dining website for more details at

New Starbuck at Campus Market

There’s a new Starbucks kiosk on campus, located inside Campus Market (Bldg. 24). They are serving your favorite espresso drinks, drip coffees, teas and snacks and even open late until Midnight Monday-Friday. From more information visit the Campus Dining website at

Catering kicks off the academic year with a new name and menu

Sage Catering has changed their name to University Catering this fall and launched a new menu full of fabulous new menus, packages, and specials. Listed below of some of the key highlights:

  • New half-day and full-day packages: University Catering has made it easier for customers to plan their events by creating half and full-day catering packages. These packages include gourmet meals (breakfast/lunch), snack breaks, coffee and tea service, linens/dishware, and all of the necessary staffing for each event.
  • New customizable classroom menus: These customized and budget-friendly menus are a compilation of their most popular menus. There are six new menu options to choose from.
  • Eco-friendly catering: University Catering provides compostable/recyclable paperware, standard with all orders. Customers can upgrade to scrollware for an additional fee.
  • Fall Specials: visit the University Catering website for the new fall specials. From October 15-November 1, receive a free fruit infused water upgrade when customer’s purchase a half or full-day package! Visit the website for November and December’s specials.

Visit for more information or call 805-756-1177 to speak with a catering sales representative.

VG Café features new venues, menus, and more

This summer, the Campus Dining staff updated VG Café to offer customers new venue options, menus, and updated seating atmosphere. What once was more of a bank of food service stations now has five uniquely branded restaurants featuring different cuisines likes specialty deli sandwiches, pan-Asian entrées, build-your-own Mexican favorites like tortas and burrito bowls, new slow cooked Carolina pulled pork sandwiches with house-made slaw from Cagie Moon, and Italian comfort favorites…just to name a few. Oh, they also placed one of those gigantic salad and soup bar that customers love. The main dining area has been furnished with all new bar and table seating, offering a more comfortable, spacious environment to hang out and relax. Visit the website for VG Café’s full menus (which are too many to list here) at

New CPC Business Templates Available

With the roll-out of the new Corporation logo this fall are new business templates to help support your daily business needs. We have created unique templates for each of the departments like letterhead, fax coversheets, memo coversheets, envelopes, and more. All of these template files are centrally located in the T-drive folder. There will be a new CPC business cards available to order soon.

New County Bag Ordinance – How it effects Corporation commercial operations

Well, it didn’t really. The new bag ordinance in SLO County, effective October 1, banned one-time use plastic bags from certain retail spaces around the county, causing a snag among businesses in the local area to change their bag policies but not for the Corporation business operations. They were already offering sustainable bag options to customers. Prior to the ordinance Campus Dining voluntarily switched out their plastic bags for vegetable based “bio bags” and brown paper bags and reduced the number of places they are available. Where there used to be plastic bags available on counters at all times, very few dining operations have bio bags and the ones that do keep them behind the counter and are available upon request only. The University Store and Cal Poly Downtown offered thick, reusable plastic bags to customers for many years. These plastic bags are made of high density plastic content and were reusable. In efforts to provide a more sustainable product to customers, both stores invested in new line of brown paper bags made of recycled paper content, which is available in two sizes. These bags are recyclable.

The Corporation is not required to comply with this countywide ordinance on campus, however CPC is voluntarily participating in this plastic bag ordinance to support the reduction and elimination of one-time-use plastic bags on campus. Eliminating these types of plastic bags from on campus operations has been an important sustainability initiative of the Corporations. For more information about other sustainability efforts visit

Fiscal and Administrative Services

Cal Poly Corporation, with Campus Dining and El Corral Bookstore, partnered with the senior class of 2012 to provide a matching gift to the Senior Class fund. The Senior class event generated over $1,000 in donations for the senior class gift project.

General Administrative Services

The General Administrative Services division has been working diligently this past year to enhance the quality of education at Cal Poly by:

  • Providing professional customer service that meets the needs of those we serve
  • Building economic strength through skillful use of our financial, technological, and

human resources

  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations and ensuring open and transparent fiscal reporting.

Some of our major accomplishments from the 2011-12 fiscal year include the following:

  • Implementation of the Kronos Web-based Timekeeping System for General Administration, Campus Dining, University Store, UGS and Dairy, allowing us to offer direct deposit for those employees in the new system
  • Dissolution of the Cal Poly Housing Corporation and integration of the Bella Montana operations into the Corporation business
  • Implementation of a Purchasing Card (P-card) program
  • Implementation of new travel guidelines
  • Successful completion of the 2011 CSU Compliance Audit
  • Implementation of electronic expense reimbursement to employees and electronic vendor payments

Effective July 1, 2012, the Cal Poly Foundation is no longer contracting with the Corporation to provide fiscal and administrative services under the previous Administrative Services agreement. Several of our General Administrative Services employees have moved over to the Foundation and are now working exclusively on Foundation activities. In light of this change, many of our other Administrative Services staff members have the opportunity to learn new functions and take on new roles, and we are excited about the opportunities for the upcoming year. Although we miss our friends and colleagues that were involved in this transition, we look forward to continuing to fulfill our commitment to the University.

General Administrative Services’ goals for 2012-13 include:

  • Complete implementation of Kronos for all Corporation departments
  • Update financial reporting procedures and policies from FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) to GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)
  • Implement a major upgrade to the financial software system, IFAS, which will involve most functional and IT staff
  • Expand the availability of direct deposit following the implementation of Kronos
  • Update account agreements for all CPC Campus Programs accounts

Sponsored Programs

The Sponsored Programs office supports University’s educational mission by providing financial and administrative support for externally sponsored research projects. Over the past year, sponsored research activity sustained 500 different project accounts with expenditure activity exceeding $24 million. Nearly 700 students were employed on various projects, which provided “learn by doing” opportunities to enhance their academic and professional development at Cal Poly.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) has partnered with the University to manage all service requests. The Service Request System (SRS) is open to all CPC users, and users are encouraged to create requests for themselves by logging on to the Cal Poly Portal ( For a new request, we ask everyone to create an SRS ticket, which sends an email to IT with the details about your request. This eliminates a step, as IT staff would need to create a call into SRS when a user calls or emails to report a problem. Everyone can contribute to process improvement, which helps improve efficiencies. For more information and the how-to instructions, please visit the Corporation’s “Forms and Procedures” page and look for “Introduction to SRS” under Information Technology.

Human Resources

Open Enrollment:

Open Enrollment will be September 10 through October 5, 2012. During this time you may change medical plans, add or drop dependents or elect cash-in-lieu of medical coverage. This is also the time that you may sign up for the Flexible Spending Account and the Dependent Care program which allows payment for uncovered medical expenses and eligible child care with pre-tax dollars. In addition Aflac will be providing various supplemental insurance options and you may enroll in the Supplemental Life Insurance Program through Met Life (with medical approval).

The CPC was faced with large increases in medical premiums this year. PERS Choice premiums increased by 10.47%, Blue Shield Access, 10.47% and Blue Shield Net Value, 9.71%. Normally these large increases would have been passed on to employees as increased employee contributions. We recognize the hardship that this can create for our employees especially in these already challenging economic times. We are pleased to recommend to our Board a full 15% increase in the current Corporation medical contribution which will significantly reduce most employees’ current share of the medical premiums for our most popular plan, Blue Shield Net Value. It will also reduce the employee share for Blue Shield Access and help lessen the increased cost to employees on the other plans.

We recognize the value of medical benefits to our employees and will continue to strive to provide affordable coverage. Nationally, medical coverage provided by companies has changed significantly over the years and increasingly costs are being shifted to the employees. On average most private industry companies pay significantly less than the CPC toward employees’ premiums, especially for families. On average private employers may pay 70% or less of the premium cost for employees and their families shifting 30% of the premium cost to employees. With an average HMO family premium cost of $1,400 per month, employees would be paying $420 per month for family coverage. For our most popular plan, Blue Shield Net Value, the Cal Poly Corporation is paying over 99% of the premium for families and 100% for employee only and employee plus one coverage.

Human Resources will be sending out open enrollment information through email and on the web prior to September 10.

Training and Development:

Human Resources continues to offer both in house and on-line training courses for our employees. The Fall training schedule can be found on-line at Look for the popular Supervisor Certificate Series, and consider participating if you haven’t already completed this beneficial series.

Health and Safety:

Thanks to everyone’s diligent efforts, 2011-2012 brought a decrease in the number of reportable injuries among staff, from 54 in 2010-2011 to 48 this past year. Also impressive was the decrease in the number of days lost due to injuries from 27 to 4. The number of days lost for injuries is one measure of the severity of injuries, and by having staff miss fewer days due to work-related injuries, it reflects the fewer severe injuries suffered. Another measure of the success of an injury/illness prevention plan are the costs for injuries: for 2011-2012 total costs to date are approximately $12,000, compared to previous year costs of over $24,600. Fall is a busy time for all, and new employees particularly need our guidance in injury prevention. Make safety a top priority in all operations.

Human Resources Department Changes

Jeanne Secrest has decided to retire in December. We will miss her wonderful smile and warm spirit and wish we could convince her to stay (we already begged her to stay a year longer than she intended, so maybe with your help….). Please join us in wishing her well and we will announce a reception later as time gets closer so you can also wish her well in her retirement.

Welcome New CPC Hires (hired since last year’s Orientation)

  • Ian Woertz, Senior Research Associate, Environmental Engineering
  • Matt Hutton, Senior Research Associate, Environmental Engineering
  • Michael Albright, Executive Chef, Campus Dining
  • Kamal Kaur, Assistant Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Kristen Jahns, Catering Clerk, Campus Dining
  • Teresa Schacherer, Assistant Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Kevin Markley, Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Leila Ganz, Administrative Coordinator, CIE
  • Matthew Ramirez, Assistant Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Ana Stewart, Research Assistant, Kinesiology
  • Brian McDonough, Catering Service Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Kari Roose, Assistant Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Anna Brannen, Project Coordinator, Kinesiology
  • Dawn Rudder, Administrative Support Assistant, Student Support Services
  • Samuel Figueroa, Cook, Campus Dining
  • Isaiah Florez, Custodial Assistant, Campus Dining
  • Sarah Carlsson, Administrative Support Assistant, ITRC
  • Lori Ann Walters, Administrative Assistant, Food, Science and Nutrition
  • Adilene Quintana Diaz, Research Assistant, Kinesiology
  • Russell Monteath, Catering Manager, Campus Dining
  • Tyrone Montgomery, Assistant Cook, Campus Dining
  • Ashley Stoltz, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable and Payroll
  • Claire Wilson, Administrative Coordinator, CAFES
  • Brandon Coleman, Pilot Plant Manager, Food Science and Nutrition
  • Fredie Pacudan, Research Associate, Food Science and Nutrition
  • Justin Foley, Aerospace Engineering
  • Jessica Becker, Innovation Coordinator, CIE
  • Fatma Spanton, Director of Conference and Events Planning
  • Yuribeyda Noyola-Graciano, Assistant Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Silvia Ramirez, Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Tatiana Zomosa, Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Berlynne Rodriguez, Assistant Supervisor, Campus Dining
  • Britton Wadsworth, Farm Facilities and Production Technician, CAFES
  • Keri Livingston, Floriculture Specialist, Horticulture and Crop Science
  • Lucas Hoffman, Irrigation Support Engineer, ITRC
  • Justin McBride, Irrigation Support Engineer, ITRC
  • Samantha Lalush, Nutritionist, Kinesiology
  • Michaela Tutor, CP Downtown Manager, Cal Poly University Store
  • Tara Balaity, Program Coordinator, Student Support Services
  • Leonel Vargas, Custodian, Campus Dining
  • Hana Wills, Programmer/Analyst, IT
  • Kelly Darnell, Catering Sales Associate, Campus Dining

Welcome new Babies

Several babies have joined the CPC family during the past year. We welcome them!

  • Jorryn Alexa Forester born to Wendy and Jimmy Forester
  • Gustavo Raul Enriquez born to Gustavo and Aracely Enriquez
  • Kennedy Mae Monteath born to Russell and Jennifer Monteath
  • Keona Agnes Jolene Uway born to Bianca Uway