Corporation Administration

Administration Services

CPC is managed by the executive office, business office, human resources, and information technology. The corporation provides services to the entire campus community, including commercial operations, individual colleges, sponsored research, conference services, university advancement, university administration, enterprise operations, as well as other campus auxiliary organizations and agencies. The CPC budget covers the direct and indirect costs related to managing the various departments.

Executive Office

The CPC executive office is comprised of the executive director, associate executive director, finance and business development, administration, and marketing and communications. The executive office works directly with the vice president of administration and finance and the CPC Board of Directors to lead the overall management of the CPC. Additionally, the executive office facilitates Cal Poly initiatives such as faculty/staff housing, a technology park, and the evaluation of new business opportunities in support of Cal Poly.

Business Office

The CPC Business Office manages fiscal services for internal departments and external organizations. The office provides administrative and financial services and maintains an integrated, online financial reporting system.

Information Technology (IT)

The IT department provides a broad spectrum of information technology services for CPC’s administrative and commercial operations. IT has two main groups:

  • Application Development and Support
  • PC and Network Administration and Support

IT explores, evaluates, promotes, recommends, develops, and supports the application of technological solutions to the tasks of information storage and recovery, processing, and delivery. IT also provides PC and other computing equipment support, Help Desk support, computer account administration, network administration, computing asset management, software/hardware installation on workstations and servers, a full range of web development and hosting services, database administration, and application development and support.