Human Resources Hiring Requirements

E-Verify Requirements for Federal Contracts

The Department of Homeland Security has issued new regulations which apply to federal contractors which require employees working on the federal contract to be verified through the E-Verify system. The Cal Poly Corporation on behalf of the University does receive federal contracts and will be impacted by the new regulations.

When a contract or amendment is awarded which invokes the E-Verify clause the Project Directors will be notified by Sponsored Programs.

These rules will only apply to new contracts or contract amendments in which the clause is cited. Current contracts are not affected unless an official amendment is received. It is anticipated that E-Verify will be applicable to all our federal contracts within two years.

The following summarizes the new requirements and procedures.

  • Effective September 8, 2009 new and amended Federal Contracts and Subcontracts may have a clause in the contract which requires the employer to use E-Verify, an on-line employment verification system through the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Employers must verify through the on-line system all new hires and current employees assigned to work on the contract within 3 days of hire/work on the contract.


  • Project Directors are responsible for ensuring that all employees (students, intermittent’s and faculty members) are E-Verified through CPC Human Resources utilizing their completed I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification) documentation within three days of beginning work on the federal contract.
    • There are no exceptions to this rule. Employees unable to provide the required I-9 documentation within the first three days will not be allowed to continue working until they have provided the appropriate documentation.
  • Project Directors who fail to comply will be required to provide an explanation as to why the I-9 and E-Verification was not completed within the required three days.
  • Once an employee has been E-Verified, the verification will remain valid until the individual has not worked for CPC for a period 18 months. If they are rehired after this time period they must complete a new I-9 Form and be E-Verified again. Project Directors may call CPC HR to determine if an individual’s E-Verify status is still valid. Ext. 6-1121
  • Project Directors are not allowed to begin work or allow anyone else to work on an anticipated federal contract (with or without an anticipated retroactivity clause) prior to the contract award without an approved Open Account Memo. If an open account is authorized, all employees of the project must be E-Verified through CPC Human Resources within 3 days of hire/work on the open account contract number.


Prior to allowing any employee (current or brand new, faculty/staff/student/intermittent) to work on an E-Verify required contract the Project Director member must:

Brand new employees:

  1. Have the employee/project director complete the applicable payroll information form adding them to the E-Verify Project, a W4 form and a student/ intermittent application. The employee must bring all their paperwork to CPC Human Resources, building 15 along with documentation showing their eligibility to work in the US (i.e. Driver’s License and original Social Security Card (more documents allowed shown on the I9)) to complete the I9. The Project Director must clearly write E-Verify Required across the top of the payroll information form and highlight.
  2. Once Human Resources has received the paperwork and the employee has completed the I9, they will run the E-Verify process. They will notify the PI that the process has been completed and the individual may now work.

Current employees being added to the project

  1. Prior to allowing current employees to work on the project a new payroll information form or multiple account form must be submitted to HR with E-Verify Required written across the top of the form and highlighted.
  2. Once Human Resources has received the paperwork and the employee has completed the I9, they will run the E-Verify process. They will notify the PI that the process has been completed and the individual may now work.

Please contact Human Resources Director at 756-1151 with any questions.

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