Health & Wellness

About the program

Health and Wellness is important to everyone’s well-being. We all know what we are “supposed” to be doing: eating right, exercising, not smoking and eliminating stress. But too often everyday life gets in the way and we let things slide. Pretty soon we find ourselves skipping the gym or stopping one more time at the fast food restaurant; and sooner or later it begins to take a toll on our health.

Cal Poly and the Cal Poly Corporation believe that your well-being matters and have developed a wellness program to provide employees with an incentive to either start a program or improve on what they are already doing. Cal Poly has a website filled with information on healthy eating, recipes, maps of hiking trails and other useful information. Please see:

In conjunction with the information provided by Cal Poly, Cal Poly Corporation will provide additional incentives to keep employees inspired on their healthy journeys. Of course, before beginning any new exercise program, employees are encouraged to talk with their physicians to ensure they are currently healthy enough to participate.

The Cal Poly Corporation Wellness program is open to all CPC benefited staff. Portions of the Wellness Program are currently being revised. Check back for updates!

Financial Incentives – Sometimes getting healthy can cost money. This part of the program helps offset some of the costs that may deter employees from participating in healthy activities.

All employees will be given the option to be reimbursed up to $60 (taxable income) per quarter for wellness activities that have costs associated with them. Eligible for reimbursement are items such as:

  1. Gym membership
  2. Weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig (excluding store bought food)
  3. Nutritional classes
  4. Fitness equipment
  5. Fitness/dance classes
  6. Smoking cessation classes
  7. Personal trainer costs
  8. Group activities
    1. Triathlon/race entry fees
    2. Softball/baseball/etc. league fees
  9. Sports fees
    1. Golf green fees (excluding cart rentals)
    2. Lift tickets
    3. Sports lessons

Don’t see something on the list? Ask us. We will review your request and determine if it fits the program.

How do you participate? It’s easy.

For the Financial Incentives and the Wellness Incentives, no need to sign up ahead of time; just submit the applicable claim forms for expenses (with receipts) incurred during the quarter or for points earned by the following dates for the prior quarter:

  • Summer Quarter (July-Sept) – Deadline: October 15th
  • Fall Quarter (October – December) – Deadline: January 15th
  • Winter Quarter (January -March) – Deadline: April 15th
  • Spring Quarter (April – June) – Deadline: July 15th

Financial Incentive Claim Parameters

If the completed claim is received on time, reimbursement will be made within the next two paydays. Unfortunately, late claims will not be processed and you cannot submit a prior quarter claim the next quarter. Reimbursements will only be made for expenses incurred in the current quarter. Exceptions to this will include only those expenses that are paid on an annual basis, such as an annual gym membership. In those cases, the receipt must show the time period for which the expense is applicable, and a new claim must be submitted for each quarter to receive the reimbursement applicable to that quarter (using the prior receipt).



All financial incentives and gift cards are considered taxable income to the employee and will be included as gross income during the quarter it is received.