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The Cal Poly Corporation IT department is dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of information technology services for the Corporation administrative and commercial users. This includes a full range of application design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support services. In addition, IT provides support services for the network, PC workstations, computing peripheral equipment, and help desk services for the Corporation users.

The mission of the IT department is to provide information technology resources that support and enhance the mission and activities of the Corporation and the university. IT leads and provides guidance in the adoption and strategic application of technology with minimal disruptions. IT serves the Corporation in a way that is effective, efficient, service-oriented, and ethical.

The IT department categorizes its business services into four main areas: strategic planning, critical support, operational improvements, and future development.

  1. STRATEGIC PLANNING: Looking ahead and setting a course with clear priorities. IT will:
    1. Maintain an up-to-date rolling strategic plan for Corporation IT
    2. Assist Corporation departments with technology planning and strategic application of technology
  2. CRITICAL SUPPORT: Proactive measures and operations necessary to support and maintain the Corporation’s technology needs. IT will:
    1. Support and maintain the necessary infrastructure required for information technology at the Corporation (networks, servers, information security measures, etc.)
    2. Develop and maintain a viable disaster recovery plan
    3. Develop and maintain policies related to the use, purchasing, and allocation of hardware and software
    4. Work with department heads, managers, supervisors, staff, students, and other users to determine and meet their needs
    5. Stay informed of trends in technology
    6. Educate and inform department heads, managers, supervisors, staff, students, and other users, of trends and opportunities
    7. Identify and implement best practices in information technology
  3. OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT: Important operations developed from strategic and critical functions. IT will:
    1. Manage the IT budget within Corporation guidelines
    2. Maintain and upgrade hardware and software appropriate to Corporation needs and use
    3. Maintain and upgrade Corporation technology infrastructure and services as appropriate
    4. Provide hardware and software support for the Corporation users.
  4. FUTURE DEVELOPMENT: Planning for future technological developments today for more efficient, effective support tomorrow. IT will:
    1. Research and develop new information systems initiatives for the Corporation that are consistent with the Corporation’s mission and budget
    2. Identify and recommend technology, trends, and opportunities for commercial and business operations within higher education
    3. Foster a climate of innovation and continuous improvement


Contact Info

If you have computer related issues, questions, or suggestions please contact IT through the Help Desk.

Help Desk

Phone: (805) 756-5900
Email: [email protected]
Offices: Building 15, Room 102
Open Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm



CPC IT provides a wide range of PC tech support services. If you’re having issues installing a program or erase an important document, the IT support team can assist. Listed here are a variety of service specialties:

Workstation Support

IT offers a variety of workstation support services such as product recommendations, troubleshooting, product installations and maintenance.

Equipment Rental

Employees have access to a variety of products such as laptops, projectors, screens, and more for CPC business related use.

Network Support

IT works hard to make sure that employees are connected and functional. System checks and processes are in place to make sure that all data communications equipment, servers, printers, share drives, and computers are working.

Software & Hardware Installation

IT can set up all new software and hardware packages such as a new program, keyboard, or mouse. IT can also be of assistance in the selection of programs to help employees select the right products for their needs.

Application Development

IT is responsible for supporting all of the Corporation back-end business systems such as applying patches, performing nightly backups, installing upgrades, and more. We respond directly to customer requests and can assist with individual tasks, reports, and processes as wells as evaluate new software.

Technical Consultations

If employees are working on a new project with a technology component, the IT department is capable of providing consultations and planning/implementation recommendations. IT can also make product software and hardware recommendations to help employees select the right products for their needs.