Projects & News

Major Projects

Improved Student Payment Project (ISPP) Phase 2

Date 1/15/2011
ISPP refers to a project for improving Cal Poly’s student payment process for Registration, Housing, and Dining customers, which includes the students and parents. Individuals from Student Financial Services, University Housing, and CPC have been working collaboratively since November 2008 to plan, design, develop, and test the project.

Kronos Workforce Central

Date 12/01/10
IT is working closely with Human Resources and Payroll in implementing Kronos Workforce Central system, a web-based Time and Attendance system. Workforce Central provides automated tracking and management of employee work hours. Its pay rules engine stores and automatically calculates hours-worked information for consistency in applying rules and policies throughout the organization. Workforce Central integrates time and attendance data to streamline the reconciliation between time reporting and check creation, and greatly reduces the manual efforts needed in processing payroll. The implementation will be done in stages, with a pilot group to go live during the second quarter in 2011. The second group is expected to go live during the summer of 2011, and full implementation is targeted for the summer of 2012.

Other Projects

IFAS Database Move

From May to November 2009, the IT department migrated a new ERP system for the CPC business office from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server. Corporation employees use IFAS (Integrated Financial and Administrative Solution) for financials and HR/Payroll.

IMS Database Move

IT will be moving the Investment Management System (IMS) used by the Corporation’s Trust and Investments office, as well as the Foundation’s Advancement office from Oracle to SQL Server. When completed, all of the Corporation’s major systems will be running on SQL Server, with the exception of dining’s CS Gold system, which runs on Oracle.

IFAS System Performance Improvement

After a major database move, such as the IFAS database move, which involved changing both the hardware and software, it is possible to experience some performance issues while the system is tuned. IT staff have applied the vendor-recommended configuration adjustments to help improve the performance. In addition, IT will be adding additional hardware improve the system performance. In the meantime, please contact the IT Help Desk with any problems or questions.