• Full name: Cal Poly Corporation
  • Also referred to as: CPC, Corporation
  • Location: Offices located on the campus of Cal Poly. Administration Offices (Bldg. 15), Campus Dining (Bldg. 19), University Store (Bldg. 65), Sponsored Programs (Bldg. 38)
  • Geographic Location: San Luis Obispo, California — about 230 miles south of San Francisco, 200 miles north of Los Angeles, 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean
  • Affiliation: Auxiliary nonprofit organization, servicing Cal Poly
  • Emphasis: Commercial and administrative services to support the needs of the university
  • Executive Director: Bonnie D. Murphy

Employee Stats (as of 3/22/12)

  • Administrative Staff: 30 fulltime, 21 part time/intermittent/student
  • University Store Staff: 18 full time, 31 intermittent, 94 students
  • Campus Dining Staff: 100 full time, 141 intermittent, 522 students
  • Sponsored Programs Staff: 10 full time, 2 part time, 1 intermittent, 1 student

Cal Poly Corporation A nonprofit auxiliary organization that assists Cal Poly’s educational mission by providing self-supporting, innovative, and high-quality services to the university.

Cal Poly is the second largest land-holding university in California, second only to UC Berkeley, and one of the largest land-holding universities in the nation. Cal Poly uses all of its land holdings to actively support student education.