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Sponsored Programs

Cal Poly Faculty members often receive grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements from agencies in the public and private sectors. CPC, via the Sponsored Programs Department, assists the university with the agreements by working with project sponsors. The Sponsored Programs Department also provides post-award fiscal and administrative agreement support, facilitates agreements with project sponsors on the university's behalf, and provides post-award fiscal and administrative support for agreement.

The Sponsored Programs Department helps the university achieve its educational mission by providing efficient and effective post-award management support for sponsored projects. External funding carries a host of legislative guidelines, and departmental, sponsor, and campus regulations that require concentrated monitoring.

The Sponsored Programs Department serves the university in the following ways:

  1. Administration of grants and contracts for university research, educational, and other sponsored projects
  2. Administration of institutes and centers


Sponsored Programs provides a variety of post-award financial and administrative services.

Award Administration

  • Budget revisions as required by sponsors
  • Negotiation of contracts and subcontracts (In conjunction with the Grants Development Department)

Establishment of Project Accounts

  • Obtain the appropriate project number for expenditures
  • Assistance in distributing the grant budget into financial system accounts
  • Approve financial and payroll transactions for projects, center, and institute funds

Post-Award Management

  • Requests for budget revisions
  • Requests for no-cost extensions
  • Completion and submission of sponsor-required forms and reports
  • Provide administrative and financial advice, guidance, and service to project directors
  • Property management