Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs

The Sponsored Programs office supports the university’s educational mission by facilitating research and scholarly activities that enrich the “Learn by Doing” experience.

The Cal Poly Corporation’s Sponsored Programs office assists the university’s faculty with research related agreements by providing post-award support services. These services are consistent and compliant with the policies of appropriate agencies including Cal Poly Corporation, Cal Poly, California State Universities, Sponsor, and various state and federal regulations.

Post-award support activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Contract negotiation
  • Procurement services
  • Audit support
  • Compliance and subcontract monitoring
  • Contract management
  • Award completion


Sponsored Programs provides research administration and fiscal services for extramurally funded contracts and grants, fee-for-service, center and institute operations and other sponsored research-related activities.

Award Administration

  • Negotiate and accept contract and grant agreements (in conjunction with the Grants Development Office)
  • Facilitate and manage requests for budget revisions and agreement modifications

Establishment of Project Accounts

  • Assign project account numbers and budget line-item object codes for expenditures
  • Coordinate project account set-up with academic departments, university fiscal services and the Corporation business office

Post-Award Management

  • Review and approve of procurement, travel and payroll transactions
  • Complete or facilitate the submission of sponsor-required forms and reports
  • Equipment and property management
  • Audit support