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Become a Culture Champion

Organizational culture is the foundation to a thriving workplace. A good workplace culture goes hand in hand with more efficient and happy team members and thus more positive impacts for Cal Poly.

Coinciding with the organization’s upcoming name change to Cal Poly Partners, leadership is focusing on creating a culture that is collaborative, supportive, innovative, accountable, engaging and respectful. To help make that happen, CPC is looking for Culture Champions! As a Culture Champion, staff members will play a crucial role in shaping and maintaining an effective work environment.

So, what makes a great Culture Champion? A champion …  

  1. Believes in and advocates for the organization’s mission, values and desired behaviors.
  2. Inspires others to do the same.
  3. Communicates clearly and makes sure everyone is included.

A Culture Champion will… 

  1. Lead by example, embody the culture in their actions and decisions.
  2. Communicate the importance of the culture.
  3. Actively engage with employees to seek input and feedback on the culture work.
  4. Foster an inclusive environment.
  5. Acknowledge and celebrate employees and teams whose behaviors exemplify the desired culture.
  6. Help ensure that the desired culture is integrated into the new environment during times of change.
  7. Participate in a monthly hour-long meeting

Interested in learning more about becoming a Culture Champion? Please contact Tiffany Kramlich