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CPC Finalizes Flexible Work Guidelines

To create clarity and set expectations for Corporation employees, a new Flexible Work Policy that explains workplace guidelines on hybrid work has been finalized.

The new policy states that employees who have positions that are not site specific will need to work in the office three days a week. “All employees must work in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday to allow for greater cross-team collaboration. Meetings will be held in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Meetings will be held leveraging virtual platforms on Monday, Thursday and Friday.”

Click here to see full Flexible Work Policy

The policy will go into effect at the beginning of August and pertains to full-time CPC employees, including managers, with a tenure of three months or more and who hold positions that are not site specific. It does not apply to centers and institutes. 

The result of months of employee listening session feedback and research into new workplace environments, the policy allows for increased flexibility compared to pre-pandemic guidelines.

With the two cross-team collaboration days in the office determined, employees are open to coordinate the third day with their manager. Employees and managers are encouraged to use the self-assessment and dialogue toolkits available on the CPC website to help assess if hybrid work will be effective.

New hires will work in the office five days a week for the first three months to support their effective onboarding.

To help with connectivity to campus, the CPC executive team will work on site five days a week and will be given flexibility when needed. 

More information will be shared in the coming weeks including access to hybrid work training materials and HR-led group discussions.