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How to Unwind Before the Start of the Academic Year

Summer break is meant to be a time of relaxation, great weather, and less work. These days, our minds often remain cluttered with the stress of tasks, work and future projects.

Summer can seem like an ideal time to get ahead, but giving your brain a refreshing break is equally as important to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Using your vacation as time to truly unwind restores the mind and leaves you ready to work with new ideas.

For tips on how to maximize your summer and come back refreshed we reached out to some Corporation colleagues for their go-to summer activities.

“My first thought is ‘Relax? Have you met me?’ 😊 Wine tasting, swimming, barbecues and movie nights with the neighborhood family.” – Chelsea Poodry, operations/administrative assistant, Campus Dining

“I am either working or doing different activities with my son. We go to the beach for ‘treasure hunting,’ hit up every single park in the county, go up to Avila Barn and feed some goats, go to Farmer’s Market for ‘Dinosaur Bones’ (ribs). We try to do as many different activities as possible! If I do get personal time, my go-to relaxing activity is cross-stitching!” – Jeremy Jones, executive chef, Retail Operations, Campus Dining

“I’ve been enjoying the summer by going hiking.  The trails at Lopez Lake are a favorite of my family, but we’re looking to check out the Miossi Open Space as well this month.” – Joe Alves, treasury and risk manager, Investments and Treasury

“I love to check out wineries I have never visited before. It’s like I am a tourist from Templeton.” – Ellen Curtis, director, Marketing and Communications

“Concerts in Avila Beach, local festivals, the Ravine numerous times (our favorite) and many barbecues.” – Stephany Martin, contracts and grants analyst, Sponsored Programs