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How to Use Grubhub

Last year, to help create a safer experience for staff and customers, Campus Dining went to a Grubhub-only purchasing process. This year Grubhub is still the preferred process. Not only does it create a contactless experience, it also limits your time standing around waiting. If you are new to Grubhub, worry not, we’ve got easy step-by-step directions to help. 

1. Install the application through the App Store, Google Play or visiting Create an account

2. Tap on the Account tab, select “Sign In”.

3. If you already have an account with your CP email, sign in. If not, select “Create Account”.

4. Go to Account and tap “Campus Dining”.

5. Tap “Find your campus”.

6. Search for California Polytechnic, and tap “Add affiliation”. Select your affiliation.

7. Add campus card or go straight to the list of on-campus restaurants.

8. To add a debit or credit card, navigate to the Account tab and select “Payment”.