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Jim Stone is Making a Difference

Cal Poly Print & Copy’s very own Jim Stone is the Making a Difference Gift Card Award recipient for November, as nominated by School of Education Recruitment Coordinator, Benjamin Guise, who referenced Stone’s particular brand of time-sensitive helpfulness and his multiple kindnesses in running the Kennedy Library copy shop.

 Guise shared that within the past month, when his office was experiencing an issue with one of their string of orders, Stone still made time and effort in the shop’s already heavy production schedule to patiently show him how the copy and trim process functions, which Guise later viewed as a real “above & beyond” gesture.

 Stone mentions that he’s most proud of working with the creative type of student (of which he’s met vastly more than a few over the 15 years in his role at Print & Copy) who will bring their project by the shop in its earliest iteration so that he personally becomes privy to its evolution over the years through to its ultimate fruition as its Senior Thesis self.

 Stone says he has based his current strong work ethic and customer service skillset on his time working years ago in the meat department at a major grocery store chain in which it was an imperative to work irregular hours toward tight deadlines and fully satisfied customer base. It is not infrequent that he is at the shop after-hours, ink under the fingernails, chasing down a delivery of toner that didn’t arrive when the vendor had promised.

When the CPC Human Resources team surprised him with the award and the photograph that accompanies this piece needed to be taken, Stone realized that his hair might have been a little “focused labor” mussed, so casually sauntered over to his desk, and put on his very agreeable rancher’s hat, highly indicative of his “always looking to make it upbeat and right” persona.

Congratulations, Jim, on consistently and ebulliently Making a Difference!

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Congrats to @cpcorporation’s Jim Stone, December’s #makingadifference winner. #calpolyproud