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Making a Difference

Marie Fidel is Making a Difference

Congrats to Marie Fidel for being nominated for Making a Difference in September and winning the $100 Visa gift card. Marie has always been a great member of the team, but she has stepped up to new challenges and done a fantastic job.

Marie was nominated by Matt Ryan.

“Marie is so reliable,” Ryan said. “Pre-pandemic she took on supervising and managing the CPC front desk and its student employees on top of her normal job duties. Bring-on the pandemic and Marie turned all the front desk duties and her normal job duties to operate 100% electronically. Specifically, she updated the year-end PO process seamlessly into an all-electronic format. Every task she takes on she owns and masters without any problems. If we all had been, and were, and ever could be more like Marie, the very power of the pandemic would be shaken forever and would no longer cripple business processes.”

Marie was the first winner of the Making a Difference drawing since March 2020.

Do you have a coworker who has been knocking it out of the park lately? Give them a shout out. Fill out a nomination form here and wax poetic about what they have been up to, how they inspire or why they make a difference. Remember to put both of your names on the form. 

At the end of the month all of the nominees will be collected and included in a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Congrats to @cpcorporation’s Marie Fidel, September’s #makingadifference winner. #calpolyproud