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New, Lower, Parking Permit Rates

Starting July 1, on-campus parking permit fees for non-management Cal Poly Corporation employees will be reduced to better align with state employee rates.

This change will help to create a more equitable parking fee structure for all employees on campus.

At that time all current and new full-time non-management CPC staff will pay a $18.54 monthly rate when they enroll in payroll deduction.

Non-payroll deduction permits (subject to tax) can be purchased by employees through a personal parking account at Cal Poly Transportation and Parking Services. Contact TAPS at 805-756-6654 for more information about parking permits and rates.  

All employees who are currently enrolled in payroll deduction will automatically see a decrease in permit rate on their paycheck effective July 1.

For more on parking rates please visit

To enroll in parking payroll deduction (automatically taken out of your paycheck each month pre-taxed), contact [email protected].