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Open Enrollment is Coming

From Monday, Sept. 19 to Friday, Oct. 14 benefited Cal Poly Corporation employees, both current and retired, can revisit their health insurance benefits plans to make changes, add dependents, enroll in a new plan or re-enroll in Cash-in-Lieu.

Open Enrollment is the one time of year when you can make these changes to your 2023 health benefits, with the exception of a qualifying life event.

For current benefited employees this is the time of year to make changes to medical, dental, vision, flexible spending, life insurance and others plans for the coming calendar year.

Employees who do not wish to make any changes to health insurance plans don’t have to do a thing. Employees who take advantage of Cash-in-Lieu or have a Flexible Spending Account must re-enroll at this time.

Click here for current employee health insurance information

Retirees who wish to make changes to medical insurance plans can do so during the Open Enrollment period by contacting CalPERS directly at: 888-225-7377. Retirees who do not wish to change plans don’t have to do a thing.

Click here for CalPERS retiree medical insurance