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A Potential New CPC Name, A Super App, CPC Culture and more discussed at April Board Meeting

The Cal Poly Corporation Board of Directors met at the new JUSTIN and J. LOHR Center for Wine and Viticulture on April 26 and discussed, among many things, a potential name change for CPC, a significant new e-commerce strategy that includes a dynamic new mobile super app and the latest advancement in the culture plan.

But before they heard staff presentations on those topics, the Cal Poly Finance Team presented. The team recently won local, and regional titles in CFA Investment Research Challenge and advanced to the highest level of any team from the Orfalea College of Business before them.

The team, made up of captain Alexandra Joelson, Cameron Wong, Dominic Juliano, Samuel Paik and Shingo O’Flaherty, performed a detailed analysis of PayPal’s stock outlook, following five months compiling a report — which included information about PayPal’s business model, an industry overview, risks and more — before making a recommendation to sell PayPal stock, projecting its value would decrease by over 12 percent within a year.

Cal Poly Finance Team Member, O’Flaherty, also presented an update on the Student Managed Portfolio Project (SMPP) which is funded by CPC to give advanced finance students hands-on training as fund managers and investment professionals.

New CPC Name Ideas

CPC recently completed a brand strategy sprint to identify ways to communicate its purpose better, differentiate it from other campus organizations and increase its perceived value amongst its stakeholders.

What they found was general confusion on campus about what CPC does, and its name adds to this issue.

Also, the word “Corporation” conjures up a negative image for many on campus.

Marketing and Communication Director Ellen Curtis talked about how a new name could help reposition CPC, better communicate its positive role on campus and make it stand out from other university divisions, units and departments.

Curtis, alongside corporation leadership has been working through the process of a potential name change. They will work closely with campus stakeholders including Cal Poly Cabinet and CPC board members, senior management, as well as staff, faculty and students. The team will utilize Hivewise, a collective intelligence platform, to collect feedback including alternate name suggestions, and conduct focus groups.

As the process moves along, CPC staff will be asked for feedback and thoughts to ensure everyone is involved. The decision about the CPC name is planned for the end of fall 2022.

E-commerce Mobile App

A new e-commerce strategy is being researched that could potentially bring in more than $20 million in revenue from Campus Dining alone.

A Shop Poly mobile app that will focus on enhancing Commercial Services and making it easier and more convenient for campus community members to not only order food from Campus Dining venues but also make purchases from the University Store, and have groceries delivered from campus markets, or local vendor partners, to residence halls.

Currently this super app is still being explored. More information will be shared as the process moves along.

Culture Plan

As part of CPC’s culture plan, the corporation has partnered with Gallup to administer a confidential, web-based survey to determine ways leadership can improve CPC’s employee experience and help build a thriving work culture.

CPC employees should have received an email from [email protected] on Monday, April 25. The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and will be sent to employees Cal Poly email address.

The survey will help leadership better understand how to create a highly engaged workforce and community.

The survey is available at Employees must use their Cal Poly username, which is the same as their Cal Poly email address without “,” in the “Survey Code” box.