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Making a Difference

Stephany Martin is Making A Difference

Congratulations to Stephany Martin for being nominated and earning the Making a Difference $100 Visa Gift card for August.

Stephany was nominated by Sarah Hegg who had this to say.

“Stephany is an analyst who goes ABOVE and BEYOND to answer questions and provide support to those of us working with grants and federal and private projects. She is readily available on Zoom chat or by email when no one else is! Even though she is managing over 100 projects she never makes you feel bad about asking her questions that she maybe has answered before!! She has also been so helpful serving as a liaison between CPC and CPSU assisting our unit with creating new policies for our teacher residency program and helping us navigate and problem solve the new Concur system for grant funded travel. These are things that are probably outside of her scope of work and REALLY helpful. She is able to draw on a wealth of institutional knowledge that many take for granted and I would love for her daily, weekly, and monthly efforts to be rewarded! Stephany is the BEST!”

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At the end of the month all of the nominees will be collected and included in a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Congrats to @cpcorporation’s Stephany Martin, October’s #makingadifference winner. #calpolyproud