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Student Pro Tip: How to Get Ready for Summer

Between papers, presentations, finals, friends graduating, summer internships and having to prepare for it all, the last thing on most student’s minds at the end of the academic year are work responsibilities.

However, if you want to get paid for the work you’ve already done – who doesn’t – and would like to continue working next fall, there some things you need to do before taking off. 

To help, we compiled a short list of things that student employees should take care of before they head out for the summer.

  • Check in with your manager and let them know if you will be around this summer to work or if you plan to return to work in the fall.
  • If you are leaving town for the summer, be sure to fill out the change of address form so your paycheck – if you don’t have direct deposit – and other pertinent information, gets to you.
  • If you don’t have direct deposit, sign up for it here. This will ensure that you get paid no matter where the summer takes you.
  • Pick up your paycheck – if you don’t have direct deposit – or it will get mailed to the address on file. This is also a reminder to fill out the aforementioned change of address form.
  • Be safe and have fun.