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Summer New Hires

This month the Cal Poly Corporation is pleased to welcome new staff members. The Corporation is glad to hire alumni in several departments, as well as new faces. This month we take the opportunity to introduce CPC’s newest hires.

Please welcome the following employees:

Sean Kuster – Kuster (pictured) has joined CPC as a lab technician for Wine & Viticulture.

Allison Priola – Priola joins CPC as the AmeriCorps program manager for Student Affairs.

Alan Banks – Banks has joined CPC as a warehouse specialist for Campus Dining.

Dylan Goodwin – Goodwin joins CPC as an irrigation support specialist/engineer III.

Ekta – Ekta joined CPC as a postdoctoral research fellow for Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences.

Shannie Lipper – Lipper joins CPC as a catering sales associate for Campus Dining.

Kelly Meyer – Meyer joined CPC as an education and events assistant for Swanton Pacific Ranch.

Jasper Gracia – Gracia joins CPC as a unit supervisor for Campus Dining.

Stephanie Fabro – Fabro joined CPC as a grant analyst for Corporate Engagement and Innovation.

Noah Yelland – Yelland joins CPC as a maintenance technician for Campus Dining.

Julia Pierce – Pierce joined CPC as a contracts and grant analyst II for Sponsored Programs.

Maria Lopez-Pacheco – Lopez-Pacheco joins CPC as a payroll accounting manager for Finance and Accounting. 

Savannah Blake – Blake joined CPC as an HR coordinator for CPC Human Resources.