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Susan Smith is Making a Difference

Congratulations to Campus Dining Unit Manager Susan Smith for being nominated and earning the Making a Difference $100 Visa Gift Card for October.

Susan, at one time a barista in Australia and then a bank teller in Atascadero, arrived at Cal Poly eight years ago, first serving as assistant supervisor at Building 19’s 805 Kitchen and later working in University Catering sales. Enthusiastically discussing the promotion to her current role in dining’s central office operations, she shares that she is extremely proud of her accomplishments.

And she should be: In addition to overseeing the vibrant sales office, she commits an equal number of her heavy-load work-week hours to the operation’s HR Department.

Her nominator, Chelsea Poodry, describes the “exhilarating day” in which a 100-strong group tour of high schoolers were expecting to pay for lunch in cash-less Vista Grande….”with cash…”:

Susan resolved this “worst case scenario” through efficiently engineering and calmly orchestrating a “100 Vouchers & 1 Cash Box” system that afternoon and a busload of teenagers and their chaperones avoided a fiasco and were amply fed.

Susan recounts how just before she was awarded the $100 Visa Gift Card, she had been online spending about that same amount on a “wardrobe refresh”, so, she reports, she was instantly grateful for the recoup of personal funds.

Congratulations Again, Susan!

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Congrats to @cpcorporation’s Susan Smith, November’s #makingadifference winner. #calpolyproud