Cal Poly Corporation MarCom Activities

Winter Quarter, 2020

#CPVistaGrande Campaign

To keep the campus community informed about the latest Vista Grande progress, the corporation developed a website and a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #cpvistagrande. These tweets not only appear on the social channel but are also visible on the Vista Grande website, giving site visitors the latest look at one of the corporation’s most ambitious projects to date.  During the winter quarter, the corporation tweeted 45 updates. Please click on the arrows on the pictures to see examples of the tweets.


New Employee Welcome Card

When a new employee joins the corporation they receive a buddy, a prearranged corporation employee who helps answer all the important questions like where is the best place to park and where can I get some coffee.  Please click on the arrows on the pictures to see the complete card.


Rodeo Sponsorship

CPC supports Cal Poly Rodeo with an annual sponsorship. As part of the sponsorship, CPC receives ad space in Rodeo’s program, digital signage and stadium banner.  

Bella Montana

At the beginning of the Winter Quarter, there were four Bella Montana units for sale. These units are for Cal Poly faculty and staff, offering a convenient location and beautiful surroundings. To build awareness about the available units, Facebook ads, social media and public relations were employed. Please click on the arrows on the pictures to view the full campaign.


Poly Access Program

The University Store introduced Poly Access in fall 2019. A campaign was developed to build awareness about the program and clarify who it benefits. Advertising, public relations and print supported the effort.  Please click on the arrows on the pictures to view the full campaign.



CPC News

During Fall Quarter, CPC shared unit updates and news with students, faculty, and staff, utilizing the Cal Poly Report.  Please click on the arrows on the pictures to view all the announcements.



CPC MarCom Analytics

Winter Quarter, 2020

CPC Social Media Analytics

CPC Social Media channels saw an increase in growth and followers across Twitter and Linkedin compared to the previous three months. The corporation gained 227,219 impressions, the number of people who see corporation messages one time, for a 31.2% increase over the fall quarter. Engagements also saw a positive increase of  20.1% with the largest gains on Twitter.  For the complete report, please email [email protected]

Social Media Analytics

CPC Top Twitter Post

To view the top-performing post, click here.

Twitter Top Post

CPC Top Linkedin Post

To view the top-performing post, click here.

LinkedIn Top Post

CPC Website Analytics

The CPC website saw a steady flow of traffic over the 2020 winter quarter with a significant uptick in traffic during the beginning of the term. The site saw a 47.07% increase in users (a difference of almost 4,000 users) when compared to winter 2019. Many of the top performing pages on the site were located within the “Resources” section which is mainly geared toward internal forms and communication. This shows that the Cal Poly Corporation website excels at providing the Cal Poly Corporation employees with useful information on a day-to-day basis.


CPC Website Analytics Info Winter 2020