Corporation Quarterly Update

Winter Quarter, 2020

COVID-19 Update

These past two weeks have brought an unprecedented change to our campus and our lives. We are all working through this COVID-19 outbreak in our new capacities and attempting to continue to support the university. This is a stressful time and CPC employees should know that there are services available to support your health and well-being, please reach out to [email protected] Since January CPC has been working alongside the university to ensure that all essential services will continue to be delivered to campus. Even throughout the constant changes many CPC departments have held true to this. Campus Dining continues to evolve and is committed to its mission to deliver nutritious meals to the Cal Poly community. CPC employees continue to work remotely to support sponsored projects. And importantly, paychecks will continue to go out thanks to the dedication of CPC payroll. These may be unprecedented times, but we will get through them together. 

Pentathlon National Qualifier

This January Cal Poly hosted a USA Pentathlon National Qualifier which helped determine the four women and four men who were named to the 2020 Team USA. An idea that originated some time back from a casual discussion between campus leadership and USA Pentathlon Multisport organizers, the event came to realization following three months of collaboration and dedicated work. The corporation’s Conference and Event Planning team worked closely with USAPM staff to understand needs, plan the event, schedule an extensive group of volunteers, locate and book appropriate venues and oversee nearly every aspect of the three-day event. Led by Director Fatma Kaytaz-Spanton and event coordinators Emily Locher and Liz Holman Ward, the team planned, coordinated and executed a flawless weekend that brought athletes from around the country to campus to compete in five distinct events including swimming, fencing, equestrian and a laser run. Key Cal Poly and community volunteers included chiefs of discipline Phil Yoshida, swimming; Allison McClain, fencing; Moummar Nawafleh, equestrian; Elise St. John, running; Scott Hull, laser shooting. Also critical to the events success was the corporation’s marketing and communications staff who developed materials and a marketing campaign in short order to appropriately support and market the event prior to and throughout the weekend.  In addition to USAPM, Cal Poly Corporation and Cal Poly, events sponsors included ASI, Cal Poly Athletics, and AG Equestrian. With a short timeframe to prepare, the team organized every detail from athlete swag bags and meeting facilities to horses suitable for the equestrian event. 

Supporting Basic Needs

Cal Poly’s Basic Needs initiative helps to ensure all students have access to everyday needs and resources so they can focus on their academic success. According to CSU data, 27 percent of Cal Poly students experience food insecurity. CPC has taken many steps to support this initiative like creating the Mustang Meal Share program that enables students to donate money from their meal plan. More recently we have rolled out a SNAP/EBT acceptance programming at Campus Market, Feed Cal Poly which allows anyone to donate to Cal Poly Basic Needs from any Campus Dining register, and soon we will launch a Copia Food Recovery program. This app-based technology helps facilitate food donations to local nonprofits and an analytics tool to track inedible food waste along with donations. 

Pouring Rights

Cal Poly recently executed a new pouring rights agreement with Coca Cola that will provide multiple benefits to the campus. Corporation management worked with the university’s chief procurement officer as well as staff from CSU East Bay and Stanislaus to execute a multi-campus Master Enabling Sponsorship Agreement for Pouring Rights, the first in CSU history. Leveraging the strengths and expertise of a cross-functional team helped to create a partnership that will increase financial return, improve sustainability, support our student athletes, and encourage partner engagement in CSU initiatives. Through this agreement, Coca Cola has committed to working with the CSU to mutually develop a sustainability plan and will provide Cal Poly with revenues, cost savings and in-kind benefits of $8.2 million over the ten-year contract. The master agreement provides an opportunity for other CSU campuses to take part in the contract benefits should they decide to join.

Strategic Plan Process

A lot of progress has been made over the past year as we continue implementing and operationalizing the corporation strategic plan. Important steps include: 

  • A New Master Operating Agreement has been fully executed and SOA’s have been sent out for electronic signatures. 
  • Lean training and adoption of lean principles is well-underway, pushing the corporation towards its goal of becoming more efficient and effective. 
  • Rolled out electronic pay and W-2’s to help simplify processes.
  • Created a professional development program library with expanded training opportunities. 
  • Developed a brand campaign to bring awareness to corporation initiatives and its impact on the campus.
  • Design and construction of state-of-the-art spaces that encourage community, including the new Vista Grande and building 19 renovation project and many smaller projects like the Starbucks renovation and Mustang Station patio.
  • Established a sustainability steering committee to identify and lead programs and projects that support campus and corporation goals.
  • Increased recruitment outreach and employee programs to attract and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce.

Vista Grande Construction Updates

The new Vista Grande dining complex is scheduled for completion this spring. Plans are well-underway to move Campus Dining staff and operations into the new facility and make it ready for food production work that is expected to last until early summer. A soft opening is planned for the summer and full-opening planned for the 2020-21 academic year. This facility will be home to six unique dining venues, increased indoor and outdoor seating, lounge space, game tables and a variety of exhibition-style food choices. From street food at Streats, to sustainable allergen-free options at Balance Café, and delectable desserts at Sweet Bar, each eatery will focus on a unique culinary niche and feature customizable food choices. This facility will be LEED Gold certified for both sustainable and resource-efficient design.

Building 19 Decommission and Renovation

Building 19 has served as Cal Poly’s primary food service and production facility for the past 60 years. Following the opening of Vista Grande this summer, staff will begin the process of decommissioning Building 19 and preparing it for extensive renovation, with full closure planned in mid-summer. The renovation project will result in a campus-center dining marketplace with multiple food venues and student centric spaces, all designed to increase campus connectivity. Among the features of this updated facility will be The Habit and a Panda Express.

Mustang Station Patio

Facilities Operations and Capital Projects is well underway on a new Mustang Station patio that will feature outdoor televisions and electric heaters along with a fireplace and comfortable seating. Very close to and complimentary to the patio project, ASI’s Alley project is creating an active seating and community area near the new Starbucks mobile ordering window. These projects are the result of a collaboration between corporation and ASI to create a more vibrant atmosphere in the University Union neighborhood.

Poly Access

Poly Access, a new primarily digital course materials program, was rolled out as a pilot program for winter quarter. The program, developed by the University Store and implemented with support and involvement of many campus partners, provides access to course materials on the first day of class, ensuring that all students are ready to learn and empowered for academic success. Once a student has registered for a class that offers Poly Access, their course materials will be available in Poly Learn prior to the start of the quarter. With an opt-out feature built-in, students can continue to shop around if they want to procure their materials elsewhere, with no interruption to their course work. Students have until the add/drop date to opt-out of Poly Access and purchase their course materials elsewhere if they prefer. Commonly known as Immediate Access or Inclusive Access throughout higher ed and the CSU system, the program can provide up to a 60 percent savings over the new textbook price. Currently, more than half of the 23 CSU campuses utilize some form of an immediate access program.

Investment and Financial Report

Joe Alves presented the Dec. 31, 2019 Quarterly Investment Report. All investment portfolios carried positive returns at or above their benchmark. Calendar year 2019 saw the largest portfolio returns in over half a decade.

Dan Banfield presented the Dec. 31, 2019 Quarterly Financial Report. Overall operating income at Dec. 31 was above budget, driven by strong investment returns. Significant planned cash outlays are expected over the next six months to support the completion of Vista Grande. All operating reserves are fully funded.