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Founded in 1941, the Cal Poly Corporation has proudly served the university, supporting the educational mission and providing quality services, that complement the instructional program. The corporation is a nonprofit auxiliary organization and is independent of the university.


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Where do surplus Campus Dining dollars go?

Thousands of dollars are left unused at the end of each year from dining plans. That leftover money goes back into Cal Poly. Campus Dining, part of the Cal Poly Corporation, received $334,144 from the dining dollars leftover from the 2021-2022 academic year. “As a...

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Cal Poly Campus Dining ‘Thankful’ Event

Cal Poly’s campus dining was one of 300 college campuses across the nation participating in ‘Thank-Ful’, an event on Wednesday, November 16, intended to bring together the Cal Poly community by giving back and giving thanks. Thank-Ful is a lunchtime...

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Profiles in Architecture

The Vista Grande Dining Pavilion is nestled into the hillside on the eastern side of the campus where the student housing is located. Concrete masonry units (CMUs) and brick veneer were used to compliment the permanence and architectural styles of the existing...

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Cal Poly’s dining hall gets a new name

The dining hall that housed 805 Kitchen and The Avenue will be called 1901 Marketplace when it reopens in a little over a year. The name references the year Cal Poly was founded. Cal Poly Corporation is putting $30 million, about 38% of its $80 million renovation...

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Cal Poly adding more local businesses to campus

The Cal Poly Corporation is working toward incorporating more local businesses on its campus rather than major chains. The university currently works with companies like Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Subway. However, the goal of having more local businesses on campus is...

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Campus Dining Adds New Vegan Protein Option

Transitioning to a college dining plan already limits food options compared to living at home. Vegan students — who don’t eat any animal products — are limited even further. Now Cal Poly is introducing a new meat substitution option at its dining locations. This new...

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Scout Coffee On Campus To Soft Open On Thursday

On a rainy Sunday evening in 2013, while driving through San Luis Obispo, Jon and Sara Peterson pulled over on Garden Street to take their newborn daughter on a walk through town. On the hunt for the perfect location to launch their coffee shop, the sight of a...

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