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SAN LUIS OBISPO — In the past academic year, the Cal Poly Corp. assisted with more than 100 student projects, providing vital information about campus services and operations.

Aligning with its goal to help Cal Poly achieve its educational mission, the corporation fields various student project and student media requests. Corporation services have become a common topic for research papers and other projects, with students frequently reaching out to the corporation for data on dining, retail and other campus operations.

“We strive to be highly responsive and transparent with the information we provide to students,” said Ellen Curtis, director of marketing and communications for the corporation. “It is one way we can support student success while increasing their understanding about campus services.”

And many Cal Poly students have made meaningful connections through these projects, putting Learn by Doing into action. “The information was really helpful for my project as well as for my general knowledge of Campus Dining,” said Ashlyn Chow, a first year civil engineering student at Cal Poly.

Students can make student project requests through the corporation’s Marketing & Communications website. Requests require one week of lead time and a list of pre-determined questions.