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Mentions about Cal Poly Corporation staff, programs, events, services and achievements in the news media.

Cal Poly Food Day Celebration

Food day is a national celebration every year on Oct. 24. However, Cal Poly celebrated earlier this year on Oct. 20 with a film contest and a discussion forum. All this was followed by a farmer’s market at the Julian A. McPhee University Union serving free food for...

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What “wet campus” really means

It’s 2013, and the sun sets over the Julian A. McPhee University Union (UU). By this time, most students are done with class and eagerly made their way home. The campus is quiet. Flash forward to 2016. At the same time of night, the UU is crowded. Freshmen and...

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Meet the 2016 Loyal Horton award winners

The University of Notre Dame’s Filipino-American Student Organization (FASO) approached Campus Dining in early 2015 with the idea of collaborating to expand its annual Filipino cultural event, Fiestang, a traditional celebration of the Filipino culture including...

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Campus Dining hosted a food forum

Campus Dining hosted a food forum last Thursday, “State of Our Plate,” to get feedback on the current food options at Cal Poly and discuss plans for improvement. Panelists from different disciplines of Cal Poly came to share their programs and research in relation to...

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