The People and Bylaws that Govern Us

The success of Cal Poly Corporation is heavily dependent upon the volunteer support and direction received from our board of directors. Alongside this leadership is a set of governing principals, senior staff and an executive office that guides us in everything we do.

Executive Office

The executive office works directly with the vice president of Administration and Finance and the board of directors to lead the overall management of the Cal Poly Corporation.

Board of Directors

Comprised of a mix of 13 faculty, staff, students and community leaders, the corporation board of directors are committed to supporting Cal Poly and its educational mission.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The corporation is dedicated to full transparency and provides easy access to board meeting minutes and agendas in an effort to increase awareness of the corporation’s role on campus.

Senior Staff

With nearly 80 years of combined Cal Poly experience, corporation senior staff bring a diverse background of experiences, schooling, history and knowledge to the campus.

The Laws that Govern Us

Establishing the corporation as an entity, defining its purpose, laying out policies and offering up public records. These are the documents that govern us.


Everything from the Annual Operating Budget and IRS Form 990s, to VEBA Trust and Investment reports, this is where you will find the annual financial reports.