Board of Directors


The Cal Poly Corporation Board of Directors is a notable and representative group of community leaders, distinguished faculty and staff, and motivated students who are committed to supporting Cal Poly and its educational mission.


Cynthia Vizcaíno Villa

Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance
Chair, Audit Committee Chair

“The Corporation was founded for the sole purpose of supporting student success and the educational mission of Cal Poly.  Each day 3,000 corporation employees contribute to creating the amazing educational experience and community for which Cal Poly is renowned. The Cal Poly Corporation makes us ‘Cal Poly Proud’, and it is my honor to serve on the Cal Poly Corporation Board of Directors. “

Nick Pettit

Deputy Athletics Director, Cal Poly Athletics
Vice Chair, Audit Committee Member

“It’s a privilege to serve on the board of directors for the corporation. The corporation’s role in serving as the university’s service auxiliary is paramount to advancing Cal Poly and its mission.  It’s very exciting to work alongside such a talented team and be involved in decisions that enable the corporation to flourish in its service to the university.”

Andy Thulin

Dean, College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences

“The Cal Poly Corporation is a partner in providing the best hands-on learning opportunities available to students. From our many enterprise projects to commercial ventures selling agricultural products produced directly by students, together we provide an academic environment that can not be rivaled. I am proud to serve as a director and founding member of the Cal Poly Corporation to further its mission in serving the entire campus community.”


Cyrus Ramezani

Department Chair, Agribusiness
Director, Investment Advisory Committee Member


“Being on the board has afforded me the opportunity to see the contributions CPC makes to university life and the due diligence undertaken to arrive at most business decisions. As a long-time faculty member, I am lucky to see things from the academic and student perspective and bring their concerns to the decision-making process. I am honored to be part of this very important economic unit at Cal Poly.”

Dean Wendt

Dean of Research, College of Science and Mathematics

“The Cal Poly Corporation is central to the success of the university and our students. It enables successful partnerships in teaching and research, and it makes Cal Poly a more effective community for student learning.”

Kim Shollenberger

Professor, College of Engineering

“Serving on the board as a faculty representative has given me the opportunity to appreciate the efforts the corporation makes to enhance the campus environment for the Cal Poly community. My role on the board has been to stimulate discussion that hopefully allows for more inclusion of diverse interests and an increased awareness about the decisions that contribute to the skyrocketing rise of the cost of college education in the U.S.”

Steven Harding

Chairman, Community Leadership Groups at Rabobank
Director, Investment Advisory Committee Member

“Through its programs and services, the corporation is an integral partner on campus, not only supporting the success of the university, but more importantly, supporting the success of the students. That is why I am proud to be a Cal Poly Corporation board member.”

Keith Humphrey

Vice President, Student Affairs


“I serve on the Cal Poly Corporation Board of Directors because so many of the programs and services offered by the corporation have a direct impact on our student’s experience, and it’s important to ensure that the focus remains on students.”

Phil Barlow

Professor, College of Architecture & Environmental Design

“As a 12-year faculty member at Cal Poly and an alumnus, I am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as a director of the Cal Poly Corporation. The corporation quietly plays an extremely import role in the success of Cal Poly. The Cal Poly Corporation management team expertly supports and executes a variety of campus tasks which enrich the campus experience for all of us.”

Paul Hoover

Owner, Still Waters Vineyards



“Being a Cal Poly graduate in a family of Cal Poly alumni — including my wife and two children — serving on the corporation board allows me to give back to the university that has not only shaped my life but also the lives of my loved ones. It gives me the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to enable, in some small way, the university to continue to impact the lives of future generations. “

Patrick Mullen

Division Director, Pacific Gas & Electric Company



“As a member of the local business community, Cal Poly alum and now Cal Poly parent, I have seen first hand the terrific impact Cal Poly has on our community, region and state. The Cal Poly Corporation plays a critical role in supporting our students’ success. From dining, books and student support programs, the Cal Poly Corporation improves the lives of our students and of those in our neighboring communities.”

Stacie Silva

Agriculture Systems Management
Student Director



“I serve on the Cal Poly Corporation Board of Directors because I see it as an integral piece of the equation that makes Cal Poly graduates so well prepared and successful in industry. This experience has allowed me the ability to meaningfully engage in promoting future student success and gain a full-picture view of the university.”

Haley Stegall

Business Administration
Student Director, Audit Committee Member



“Cal Poly Corporation enhances the student experience through providing the campus with commercial services and students with fiscal and support services for research and educational programs. I serve to ensure the student voice is heard and is part of every corporation decision.”


Audit Committee

  • Cynthia Villa – Chair
  • Nick Pettit – Member
  • Haley Stegall – Member

Investment Advisory Committee

  • Eldon Shiffman – Chair