Why we come to work everyday


We are a strategic partner dedicated to advancing Cal Poly. Through our flexible business model and willingness to take on challenges, we remove boundaries to provide university resources and services. Our impact supports programs that enable students, faculty and staff to thrive.

Our Vision

Be the most impactful Cal Poly partner.

Our Values

The corporation’s values reflect our principles and beliefs and guide our actions as we collaborate with partners and colleagues. They are integral to our success as an organization and to the success of the university, providing the foundation to create best in class campus experiences and solutions.

#1 Be courageous and optimistic and see challenges as opportunities

#2 Listen closely and communicate openly, honestly, and directly

#3  Treat each other with dignity and respect, embracing all forms of diversity

#4 Debate constructively, decide definitively and support actively

#5 Accept responsibility and demand the same of others

Our Strategies

Throughout the 2020-21 academic year Corporation leadership began the process of updating the strategic plan to reflect our priorities for the next three years. In doing so the team began to expand our focus to long-term priorities and identified three key strategic directions: Purpose, People, and Perform. As we envision our path forward, it is clear that focusing on these three directions will help guide us as we work to improve the student experience on campus.

Focus on our purpose and let people know how it drives everything we do.



Enhance the employee experience.

Excel in all we do.

“Thank you for allowing me to work with you these past few years and giving me a sense of purpose throughout my time here at Cal Poly. I know to many people work may just be work, but getting to exercise my creativity every week and seeing the results of my hard work on display is so motivating as an artist and young adult starting my professional career.”