Why we come to work everyday


Cal Poly Corporation is a valuable strategic partner dedicated to advancing Cal Poly’s mission. We provide vital university resources and services, enhancing campus life with solutions that are flexible, innovative and effective. Our revenues stay on campus to support programs and drive student success.

Our Vision

Leader in providing best in class campus experiences and solutions.

Our Values

The corporation’s values reflect our principles and beliefs and guide our actions as we collaborate with partners and colleagues. They are integral to our success as an organization and to the success of the university, providing the foundation to create best in class campus experiences and solutions.


We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.


We treat others with regard and consideration in all we do.


We welcome people with different backgrounds, talents and perspectives.


We embrace a supportive attitude to help people and find solutions.


We bring energy and enthusiasm to our work.

Employee Development

We support our employee’s growth and well-being.


We work as a team to achieve success.

Our Strategies

In 2018, Cal Poly Corporation mapped out its strategic course for the next three years. As part of the planning process, we reviewed the university’s strategic initiatives and identified how the corporation will advance them. We also looked at how to position the corporation for future success as the university’s needs continue to change and grow. The following strategic directions align with our mission, vision, and values and support Cal Poly students, faculty and staff in achieving their goals.

Ensure organizational excellence through intelligent and effective practices.

Attract, develop, and retain a diverse, high performing and engaged workforce.


Be a valued, active partner in university life.

Enhance campus life through integration of physical, social, and service environments.


Make sustainability an integral part of Cal Poly Corporation operations and corporate culture.

Foster continuous economic development and growth.

“Thank you for allowing me to work with you these past few years and giving me a sense of purpose throughout my time here at Cal Poly. I know to many people work may just be work, but getting to exercise my creativity every week and seeing the results of my hard work on display is so motivating as an artist and young adult starting my professional career.”