Cal Recycle Campaign

In 2019 Cal Poly received a $225,000 CalRecycle grant to promote sustainability, specifically to improve beverage container recycling as part of the university’s zero-waste goals. Successful grant implementation was to reduce disposal costs, increase diversion from landfill and boost student, staff and faculty understanding of the campus recycling system.

A public relations program was developed that included an education campaign, social media, media relations and outreach events to achieve the grant’s goals. In keeping with the university’s philosophy of Learn by Doing, students played a significant role in the program’s development and execution eventually decreasing recycling contamination from 37 percent in 2019 to 22 percent in 2021. The program continues to this day impacting recycling at the university positively.


Cal Poly Facilities Management and Development


Platinum – Marcom International Awards

Team Credits

Anastasia Nicole, Zero Waste Coordinator

Chloe Peng, Marketing Coordinator, Student Intern

Ellen Curtis, Associate Executive Director Marketing and Communication

Veronica Sanders, Senior Graphic Designer