Campus Dining Website

The Cal Poly Campus Dining website was developed in 2018 with its primary users – students – in mind. The site design is user- and mobile-friendly, serving what students want most – food and fun with a side of information. The primary focus of the site development was an improved user experience, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. To provide this experience, the Cal Poly Corporation Marcom team completed a content audit and analyzed site traffic. The front-end design kept visitors in mind while utilizing the style guidelines of the Campus Dining brand. The site has been consistently rated one of the top communication sources by Campus Dining guests in surveys year after year.


Cal Poly Campus Dining


Platinum – Marcom International Awards

Team Credits

Greg Yeo, Cal Poly Campus Dining Associate Director

Russell Monteath, Cal Poly Campus Dining Associate Director

Ellen Curtis, Associate Executive Director Marketing and Communication

Kara Clark, Content and Design Manager

Aaron Lambert, Communication Specialist

Lauren Barker, Web Developer