Commute with Confidence Campaign

As the Cal Poly community began to return to campus for the 2021-22 academic year, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) invited everyone to Commute with Confidence. They wanted students, faculty and staff to come back safely, come back sustainably and come back together. To enable this transition of returning to campus, TAPS created commuting options that include new subsidies for some commute options, incentives for taking public transportation and new ways to save money on shared parking permits. Commuting to campus saves participants money, time and helps Cal Poly get another step closer to reaching its sustainability goals. An integrated marketing campaign was developed to support this effort, including webpage, social media, community outreach and advertising assets.


Cal Poly Transportation and Parking Services


Gold – Marcom International Awards

Team Credits

Amy Voorhies, Business Services Manager, Public Safety

Ellen Curtis, Associate Executive Director Marketing and Communication

Sarah Gerkins, Marketing Manager

Veronica Sanders, Senior Graphic Designer

Aaron Lambert, Communication Specialist

Jeff Hoffman, Administration and Finance Web Developer