License Plate Recognition Campaign

Cal Poly’s Transportation and Parking Services rolled out a new parking technology in Fall 2019. License plate recognition software was implemented to help manage traffic flow and parking patterns throughout campus more efficiently. Students, faculty and staff no longer needed physical permits. Their license plate was now their permit. This program was a significant behavior change, switching from purchasing a paper permit to purchasing a permit online. It was important to get the word out to all campus stakeholders of the switch. An integrated marketing and communication campaign was developed in support and included advertising, social media, outdoor signage, website and community outreach assets.


Cal Poly Transportation and Parking Services


Honorable Mention – Marcom International Awards

Team Credits

Amy Voorhies, Business Services Manager, Public Safety

Ellen Curtis, Associate Executive Director Marketing and Communication

Sarah Gerkins, Marketing Manager

Veronica Sanders, Senior Graphic Designer

Aaron Lambert, Communication Specialist

Jeff Hoffman, Administration and Finance Web Developer